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Recognizing God at Work: Stories of Everyday Grace

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CINCINNATI, Sept. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- When it comes to having faith in a God you can't see, from time to time even the strongest Christians need a reminder that God is still active in the world and in people's lives.

Sometimes that reminder is a gentle nudge or whisper, other times it's a tornado-strength gale that blows us over.

But most Christians can look back to at least one time when God stepped in and touched a situation in their life in a way that was what author Bonnie Bruno calls "everyday grace." And that experience, often so personal that it almost defies comprehension by others, becomes a touchstone, an anchor in storms.

In her most recent book, Bruno introduces us to 50 real people from all walks of life who share their personal experiences of "everyday grace." This collection of 50 true stories, called When God Steps In: Stories of Everyday Grace (Standard Publishing), draws readers in with its warm, storytelling format.

"Many people today are in search of 'miracle' stories in order to convince them that God is real," Bruno said. "I wanted to remedy that obsession by spotlighting the experiences of ordinary people who have felt God's touch in the everyday, in both big and small ways. God longs to become involved in the details of our daily lives, not just called upon when we desperately need a miracle.

"I hope the stories will nudge readers to recognize God's presence and invite him to enter the everyday. Because the universal theme in each of the fifty stories is that God offers hope no matter what life brings our way."

As Bruno is also a photographer, she tucks in beautiful nature photos that offer further reminders of God's love and care for us. Those two elements—stories of real people and beautiful photographs—set this book apart.

Readers will recognize themselves somewhere in this book, she feels, because of the variety of stories. Contributors' include the mom of a severely disabled child, a former pastor who discovered a new calling, a nurse whose health problems forced her to change careers, and a teacher whose tattooed and pierced student taught her something priceless.

In writing about the readers of her book, Bruno said, "I prayed that they would understand the unmistakable change that takes place when we allow God to mend a broken heart, forgive the unthinkable, guide a critical decision, or change a stubborn mindset. And I secretly hoped that they might even recognize themselves and their own struggles between the covers of this book."

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Standard Publishing is a recognized leader in providing Christian products and resources for churches and families. Since its founding in 1866, Standard Publishing has been providing true-to-the-Bible resources that inspire, educate and motivate Christians to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information, visit www.standardpub.com.

About the author: Bonnie Bruno is a freelance writer and nature photographer whose 14 previous books include The Young Readers Bible and Weird & Wacky, Strange & Slimy. A resident of the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband, Nick, enjoy camping, traveling, and spending time with their grandchildren.