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House to Vote Next Week to Protect Pain-Capable Children from Abortion

Contact: Jeff Sagnip, 202-225-3765, chrissmith.house.gov 

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, co-chair of the Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, made the following comments regarding the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be brought to the House floor next week.

    "I am very grateful that today House Republican Leadership has announced that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) will be considered by the House next week," said Smith. "The timing could not be more fitting. Next week marks the second anniversary of the conviction of the infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell–who was sentenced to life in prison for killing one of his patients—Mrs. Karnamaya Mongar—and three babies who were born alive after attempted abortions. 

    "There are Kermit Gosnells all over America, inflicting not only violence, cruelty and death on very young children, but excruciating pain as well. Some abortionists may have cleaner sheets than Gosnell did and better sterilized equipment and better trained accomplices, but what they do and what Gosnell did for four decades–kill babies and hurt women–is the same.

    "The brutal irony of the Gosnell conviction is that if he had killed those three babies before they had been delivered, their painful deaths would have been completely legal.  Next week, the House will vote to protect unborn children from painful late abortion."