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The International Olympic Committee and Affiliates' Immoral Agenda

Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 3, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Olympics in Rio will host the world's greatest athletes. We hope each athlete has their best performance this coming August. The following presentation should not discourage athletes from doing their best.

Steve McConkey, 4 Winds Christian Athletics President, has been the only one publicly fighting the International Olympic Committee's LGBT agenda since 2003 when the IOC allowed transgenders in the Olympics.

  1. The IOC and the United Nations work together. This opens the door for the LGBT agenda.
  2. In 2003, the IOC opened the door for transgenders in the Olympics after surgery and two years of hormone therapy. Recently, the IOC changed this policy to require only a year of hormone therapy and no surgery. This month, the IOC announced there will be two unnamed transgenders competing for Great Britain at the Rio Games.
  3. The IOC and the United State Olympic Committee are supported by Nike, a top shoe company that has a 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaign for their support of homosexuality. Also, the Nike Foundation has given to organizations that support abortion, such as Planned Parenthood. USA Track and Field is supported by Nike in a deal that is worth millions through 2040.
  4. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is gay, was recently appointed as lead independent director of Nike. Cook has been on the Nike board since 2005.
  5. The 2019 World Track and Field Championships will be held in Qatar, approved by the IOC. The IOC is hypocritical as they promote homosexual causes, but close their eyes to the death of Christians and homosexuals in Qatar.
  6. Caster Semenya, a South African intersex woman, won the 2009 World Championships 800 meters. Then under the direction of the IOC, Semenya's performances dropped after mandatory hormone treatment. Last summer, the IOC stopped testing intersex athletes' testosterone levels. It is now believed Semenya's testosterone levels could be 3X the level of a normal women. Semenya is predicted to dominate at the Olympics in Rio this summer and recently married a woman.
  7. 450,000 condoms will be distributed during the Olympics, three times more than the Olympics four years ago in London. There will be 10,500 athletes and staff members at Rio.

Steve McConkey is the president of 4 WINDS, a sports ministry that stands up for Christian athletes. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world. BigPlanetWatch.com