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Vote Life, Canada! Calls on Cardinal Marc Ouellet to Stop Whimpering to Caesar

Lead Like a True Apostle Not an Apologist for Canada’s Deadly Pseudo Catholicism

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada!, 709-773-0700

MEDIA ADVISORY, November 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Nothing sustains the killing of unborn children in Canada like the widespread practice of a false and corrupted Catholic faith," says Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada! "and Cardinal Ouellet's recent remarks have only obfuscated the true nature of the Catholic crisis.

"In a disgraceful capitulation to the worldly powers represented by the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Oct. 30, Cardinal Marc Ouellet pleaded for respect for religion and begged the secular fundamentalists to ease up because they were to blame for destroying the soul of Quebec," observed Alcock.

Alcock insists the evidence shows the secularization of Quebec society has essentially been a reaction rooted in a profound distrust of the Catholic faith which for decades has been shockingly perverted by the Bishops as described in the recent Open Letter by Vote Life, Canada! "Longstanding worldly compromise by Canada's Catholic Bishops has so dulled their spiritual senses that, like Cardinal Ouellet, they no longer recognize their own role in society."

Alcock explained that where the three-fold role of a Bishop to teach, to sanctify and to rule is carried out faithfully, a society cannot help but advance from paganism into Christianity and from imperfect expressions of Christian living to more perfect expressions of God's will for society. He notes the history of Western civilization has testified to this reality. "Where (Christian) societies have regressed into paganism or atheism—otherwise known as secularization—the failure and corruption of Bishops is traceable. Quebec society is no different nor is Canadian society."

"In a tragic display of swallowing camels and straining out gnats, rather than hammering renegade 'Catholic' and priest politicians--whose secularist mindset devastates Canada's common good--the Cardinal disciplines only little old ladies praying their rosaries and rebellious deluded priests who, while deserving excommunication, pose no 'secular' threat whatever.

"Cardinal Ouellet is looking everywhere for answers except in the mirror. In his desperate attempt to blame 'secular fundamentalists,' the Cardinal has indicted himself and his colleagues. A true Catholic faith generates authentic Christian living and sanctifies the surrounding community while earning its respect. The pseudo-catholic religion portrayed by the Cardinal is a victim of 'anti-Catholic' forces and the media and needs to be recognized, respected and propped up by the State for its continued existence.

"The Cardinal intimates that God's promises are insufficient to preserve society, even the Church. But it's really the Cardinal who must learn respect for religion--respect for a true Catholic faith which has the power to purify and displace the most diabolical secularism, from the degenerate culture of the Roman Empire to the very gates of hell. But hell is another unmentionable reality in pseudo-catholic rhetoric--even to a society in grave need of warning.

"Rather than calling for national fasting and repentance the Cardinal is counting on a magic cure--the International Eucharistic Congress--where he hopes revival will ensue. But the Cardinal ought to look once more to history to learn that great national revivals are always preceded by bold preaching and profound repentance. Bishops, please lead the way."