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Josh McDowell Partners with Timothy Eldred and the Pray With Youth Campaign

Contact: Jessica Withey, Christian Endeavor International, 989-427-3737, jessica@endeavormovement.com

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 7,2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Pray With Youth™ campaign is a stand alone event for churches and faith communities who designate 9.11.11 to commit their congregations to helping young people find their place in the cause of Christ.

McDowell put his name and reputation on the line with Eldred 4 years ago when they announced Pray21™ (pray21.org) and called the church to a 21-day challenge which echoes this global campaign. Over 3,000 churches joined the 2007 challenge and an estimated 75,000 young leaders were prayed with during Pray21™.

"We are honored to have Josh's support again. He clearly recognizes the needs of this generation," says Timothy Eldred, President of Christian Endeavor International* (christianendeavor.com) and founder of Pray With Youth™. "While many people look to "flash" in order to attract youth, Josh knows we need to return to foundational truths. Prayer is our problem; there's not enough of it happening. It's time to stop just praying "for" and "about" youth and start praying with them. That's more significant than we realize and just plain simple."

Many churches worldwide will begin the campaign on Sunday, August 21, and pray with youth over a 21 day period. Young people will connect with adult prayer partners who are dedicated to walking through this experience with youth ages 12-21. They will read, journal, and pray individually each day during that time and meet weekly to compare notes and see where and how God is speaking and revealing His call on their lives.

"Join me and take a moment to connect your congregation to this worldwide campaign from my friends at Christian Endeavor International, said McDowell. Please participate in this 21-day prayer challenge. I know we can have a real impact on the youth of this nation and beyond." he continued.

For over 40 years, the Josh McDowell Ministry, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ International, has focused on serving and equipping churches, pastors, families and people everywhere in raising generations of purpose-driven Christians who know what they believe, why it is true, and how to live out their Christian faith. To find out more about Josh McDowell and his ministry visit Josh.org.

Churches can register on praywithyouth.com and download all the necessary materials for the campaign free of charge. The goal this year is that 10,000 churches would participate and 250,000 young people would be prayed with to understand their unique calling today. Eldred concludes, "We believe that is an attainable goal, but we also believe it is just the beginning of what God can do when we trust Him for the results. Perhaps we'll see millions of youth recognize who they are in Christ."

Jessica Withey
Christian Endeavor International

* For over 130 years, Christian Endeavor International has been raising the standard of youth in ministry. They continue to teach that 1) young people can make the same level of commitment to Christ as adults, and 2) never do anything in the church for youth they can learn to do themselves. Millions of youth worldwide have been trained in Christian Endeavor since 1881.