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Watch Out Netflix and Blockbuster

If you don't rent soft-core pornography, why support a company who offers it.


Contact: Steve Thomas, 708-258-0001, 815-405-7774 cell, info@faithandfamilyflix.com; www.faithandfamilyflix.com


PEOTONE, Illinois, Feb. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Faith and Family Flix (FFF), a company out of Peotone, Illinois, has started a family friendly alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster. FFF will offer online DVD rental with a twist. The bulk of titles are made up of family friendly, and faith based titles. CEO, Steve Thomas believes that people are ready for this type of approach to DVD rental.


"90% of all titles offered by these big-name companies would be considered morally objectionable to the majority of main stream American families." With the onslaught of questionable entertainment, Thomas says, he believes people want a change. "Even big name film producers are getting into the Faith-Based market, companies like 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, New Line, and Disney, see the enormous potential." Company researcher and CTO, John Mansel-Pleydell states; "If you don't rent soft core pornography, or other questionable films, why support a company who offers them? It's time for people to let companies know this is not acceptable."


Faith and Family Flix is a part of a silent revolution that is sweeping across the country, seeking to lay claim to "basic, down to earth values", which makes up the fabric of mainstream America. FFF seeks to be THE resource center for those searching for family friendly entertainment.


Isn't it time to start a wonderful tradition of family night at the movies, a tradition you and your children will remember for years to come? So cook up some delicious popcorn, nestle into your favorite chair, and let the movie begin.


Faith and Family Flix will be offering a special, one- month free to those who sign up for one year. See movies like "Bella," and the newly animated family movie, "Ten Commandments" on our future new releases.


From our family to yours...welcome, and enjoy the show!