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California's Largest Community College Supports Traditional Marriage

Contact: Chip White, ProtectMarriage.com, 916-446-2587

CALIFORNIA, October 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The students of American River College, the largest community college in California, rejected an attempt to recall nine student council members in response to their endorsement of Prop. 8. Results of the vote were released by college officials Thursday afternoon. All of the student council members targeted survived the recall by a 200-300 vote margin out of the 3,531 ballots cast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"This is a great development for supporters of traditional marriage. Despite the efforts of gay activists and a media frenzy, the students themselves have reaffirmed support for traditional marriage," said Chip White, press secretary for Yes on 8. "This is exactly what will happen when voters finally have their say on November 4."

According to the Sacramento Bee, student council member Viktor Choban, 25, said he voted his conscience. "This resolution has everything to do with education because it affects all the public schools and colleges," the Bee quoted Choban as saying. "If Proposition 8 fails, schools will absolutely be required to teach that gay marriage is equal to normal marriage, thereby confusing students and children about the most basic roles of men and women in society."