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Bothsidesmag.com - A New Online Magazine for Thought-Provoking and Insightful Conversation Launches
Contact: Briana Thomas, 770-904-0007

DUMFRIES, Va., Feb. 5, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Previously a staple within the Washington Post, Both Sides Magazine will formally release on February 15th into the interactive scene as BothSidesMag.com, an exclusive and hot-topic platform designed for the free exchange of ideas and issues to be examined and debated.

Both Sides Magazine's interactive incarnation expands the common ground platform for healthy and poignant conversations about culture, politics, and faith, from opposing viewpoints through a faith-based perspective. The previous magazine, and now the online counterpart, are helmed by Dr. Derek Grier, who is the founding pastor for the 7th fastest growing Church in America.

Though a well-known television and radio personality heard globally by over 2 billion people, Dr. Derek Grier has held steadfast to being politically independent. "I think it is important for people of faith to think through social justice issues on both sides," says Dr. Grier, "When we only expose ourselves to people we agree with and make caricatures of all who might disagree, it only makes us meaner as a nation. God gave us two ears and one mouth because we need to learn to listen twice as much as we talk. My hope is that BothSidesMag.com not only informs people, but makes us all a little more gentle toward those we disagree with."

The Washington Post writes, "In many ways, he illustrates a new kind of high-profile African-American pastor. He is well educated. He is not a member of a major religious convention. And he refuses to align himself with the Democratic or Republican parties."

BothSidesMag.com is a non-profit entity, and offers distinctive thought-provoking perspectives on issues regarding politics, culture and faith, bringing awareness to issues that much of mainstream news media limits to usually only one side of the discussion. "Though I may passionately embrace the principles I live by, my prayer is that even those who I disagree with will know that they are loved," said Editor-In-Chief Derek Grier, "Sometimes it requires more understanding to build a bridge than to raise up a defending army." The website launches on February 15th, and currently features the topic, Voting Rights For Felons. "My hope is that you will not only read the perspectives you agree with, but that you will seriously consider the views of people with different positions and try to find common ground."

Learn more and let your own perspective be known at BothSidesMag.com.

Dr. Derek Grier is the founding pastor of Grace Church of Dumfries, VA, and a mentor to Christian leaders and business owners through his Renaissance Leadership Network, and a prominent radio and television presence, broadcasting locally in the Washington, D.C. market; nationwide weekly on the WORD Network and The Church Channel, and internationally.

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