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New Book by Author Eljaye Jobaye Shows How a Convicted Man Survives Behind Prison Walls
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ORLANDO, Fla., March 18, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In One Day Closer to God ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-939748-12-6), Jobaye tells of life in prison, giving personal anecdotes of the horrors that go on behind bars. In his eloquently worded way, Jobaye describes how he copes with living in such conditions. He assures us that his relationship with Jesus Christ is what gets him through the rough-and-tumble world of living in prison.

Having already spent 25 years in prison, Jobaye doesn't know if he'll ever see the freedom side of the penitentiary again. In One Day Closer to God, Jobaye admits that he longs to go home, so he can see loved ones and good friends again ... as a free man. However, Jobaye also knows that regardless of his situation here on earth, he will one day see his eternal home in heaven, thanks to his faith in Jesus Christ.

Jobaye likens being in prison to living in the Land of Oz. "You see sights that boggle your imagination," he writes. "You get acquainted with a few solid comrades, and you have to withstand an arduous ordeal, teeming with malevolent fiends who want to inflict pain and suffering on you at every turn. There is One Supreme Being who can grant every heart's desire (God, not the Wizard). Every convict's utmost hope lies in being released."

"But there is a destination far more glorious ahead of us: our true, original habitat with our heavenly Father. Everything else on earth pales in comparison to someday living with our Lord in paradise."
Being incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit, Jobaye would have every right to be a bitter man who has no use for God. However, he has chosen not to be that way. Instead he has chosen to rely on God for his strength and to offer the same forgiveness for others that he has received from God.
"I decided many years ago to no longer hold grudges, and to do away with any hatred, animosity, or bitterness in my soul. My metamorphosis has proven quite cathartic, and has freed me from carrying a heavy emotional burden on a daily basis."

In One Day Closer to God, Jobaye closes with a prayer that he says every night. This prayer encompasses the full Gospel and shows how Jobaye is truly a man after God's own heart.