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Symposium: The Future of Education: Rediscovering Free Inquiry

Contact: Oskar Gruenwald, PhD, Editor, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 626-351-0419


PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 8, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies invites your participation in a Symposium on: The Future of Education: Rediscovering Free Inquiry, Hilton Pasadena, California, 2-4 August 2018. Presenting a paper is not a prerequisite for participation, but if you wish to present, send a 250-word Abstract to: info at jis3.org by: March 1, 2018. Conference venue in the heart of Pasadena, near famed Old Town. Papers will be considered for publication in JIS XXXI 2019.


As Americans, we cherish freedom, but does freedom presuppose virtue? Can there be a free, democratic society without transcendent ethical guides? Can a nation dedicated to liberty still find the common good and ties that bind despite the new censorship that prevails on many college campuses and that fosters a divisive identity politics? Join us to renew America's promise of "liberty and justice for all" by exploring the potential of higher education to educate the whole person, body, mind and soul, forming responsible citizens rather than isolated monads.


If you are concerned that higher education brackets God and moral absolutes, but should rather seek His truth, practical wisdom, character building, and preparation for life, then you will delight in the interconnected thematic series of this refereed Christian academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies I-XXX 1989-2018+, an old-fashioned print publication, a nonprofit educational endeavor, and a labor of love that deserves your support. Together, we can help redeem academe and the culture.


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Interfaith Dialogue, a new model of higher education for the 21st century, endeavors to reconnect once more knowledge, ethics and faith via dialogue across the disciplines, training a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars able to address contemporary challenges of scientific know-how, ethical choices, and spiritual discernment essential for human flourishing. This educational endeavor seeks to restore Judeo-Christian ethical and intellectual foundations that all can cherish. The journal explores such fascinating topics as Albert Einstein's famous quip that God does not play dice (JIS XXVII 2015), freedom & virtue (JIS XXVIII 2016), John Paul II's vision for the future of religion (JIS XXIX 2017), etc.


Renewing America's social contract is the focus of a forthcoming highly relevant volume of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies XXX 2018 on: The American Experiment: A Republic, If You Can Keep It (http://jis3.org/callforpapers).


Editor's blog: http://jis3.org/commentary. In all endeavors, prayers appreciated. Scripture: Luke 8:16; Hosea 4:6.