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Americans Need Self-Defense Guns Against Increased Domestic Jihadist Threat, Says John Snyder of Telum Associates, LL.C.
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Contact: John Snyder, 202-239-8005, gundean@gmail.com; www.GunRightsPolicies.org

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Increased domestic jihadist terrorism indicates Americans need self-defense guns now more than ever," John M. Snyder stated here today.

Snyder said, "Last month's Terror Threat Snapshot by the majority staff of the House Homeland Security Committee reports the terror threat level in the United States is high and 'getting steadily worse.' It adds there have been 'more U.S. based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since 9/11.' Individuals need self-defense arms.

"Keep in mind, Christ Our Lord states, 'The man without a sword must sell his cloak and buy one,' according to Luke 22:36."

The Snapshot reported the Islamic State "is fueling the Islamist terror" globally, Islamist terrorists "are intent on killing law enforcement" officers and U.S. troops, as well as civilians, 25,000 fighters from 100 countries have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State, and over "250 Americans have traveled, or attempted to travel to Syria to fight with the Islamists."

The Snapshot reported, "There have been more U.S.-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since 9/11." In 2015 so far, it related there have been 30 U.S.-based jihadist cases. In 2001, after 9/11, there were only two U.S.-based jihadist cases uncovered that year.

According to the Snapshot, "The number of U.S. terrorist cases involving homegrown violent jihadists has gone from 38 in July 2010 to 122 today – a three-fold increase in just five years."

Snyder said, "Jihadists behead, rape and pillage. Armed Americans must be ready to stop them."

A practicing Catholic, Snyder has been named "the dean of Washington gun lobbyists" by the Washington Post and New York Times, "a champion of the right of self-defense" by the Washington Times, the "gun dean" by Human Events, and "the senior rights activist in Washington" by Shotgun News.

He holds AB and MA degrees in government from Georgetown University. He has been an NRA magazine editor and official of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation. He directs Telum Associates, LL.C, and serves on boards of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, Council for America and American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens.

Contact: John Snyder, 202-239-8005, gundean@gmail.com, www.GunRightsPolicies.org