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Interactive Forum Biblically Empowers Christian Leaders

Contact: Donald Hank, Laigle's Forum, 717-252-9835

WRIGHTSVILLE, Penn., July 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Laigle's Forum is a free Christian activist site designed to analyze, in Biblical terms, the issues that confront Christian leaders today and to empower them, through knowledge, to boldly proclaim the gospel. It issues original calls to action and provides answers to important questions such as:

  • Did Jesus die to conquer poverty or to conquer sin?
  • What is the appropriate Christian attitude toward illegal immigrants?
  • Should Christians voluntarily censor parts of the Bible that offend certain groups?
  • Are the agendas of the Left compatible with Christianity?

Laigle’s Forum encourages frank and open dialogue and does not censor "uncomfortable" viewpoints (except to remove foul or clearly abusive language). Thus, whether you are a Christian layperson, leader, seeker, doubter or atheist, Laigle's Forum will publish, or enable you to publish, your succinct opinion or question concerning any faith-related topic and will respond to it from a non-denominational Biblical worldview.

Site staff writer and facilitator Donald Hank says:

"Many Americans agree that the future of Christianity will determine the future of America and vice-versa.

"Yet the definition of Christianity has never been less clear. Christians cannot agree on what -- if anything -- God expects of us in terms of morality. The resulting confusion threatens our liberty and the very foundations of civilization itself.

"Pastors and youth leaders are challenged to provide answers to these moral questions but are also challenged by some to do so without offending anyone.

"As a result, increasing demands are imposed on churches to accept 'feel good' morality, which is acceptable to psychologists but strays from the Biblical mandate to boldly proclaim the gospel.

"The intent behind Laigle's Forum is to assist leaders in maneuvering successfully through the mine field created by these demands."

Access to the web site is free of charge.

Some original columns from Laigle's Forum can be found at other Christian sites and at WorldNetDaily.

E-mail: donlaigle@laiglesforum.com
Or: don@zoilandonsplace.com