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Prophecy Teachers Have Mislabeled Russia as Gog for Far Too Long
Yeshua House Publishing
June 7, 2022
LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 7, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prophecy teachers have incorrectly branded Russia as being the Antichrist, the Beast, and Gog of Magog (Rosh) for far too long. Best Selling Prophecy Commentator, Ken Mentell, says, "Despite current events with Russia...it is not Gog of Magog or Rosh from Ezekiel's prophecies or the Book of Revelation. To say so is completely contrary to what is written in the Bible. They do have a role in the end...but they are not the Antichrist or the final Beast." In fact, Ken Mentell has written a book clarifying what the Bible says about the end-time and its most infamous characters.

Yeshua House Publishing is pleased to announce the book release of "Mystery Babylon vs the Restrainer: The Restrainer Revealed!" (Restoring Truth Book 3) from best-selling author Ken Mentell. Known for "The Elijah Calling" which is Ranked #4 on Bestcommentaries.com in the Eschatology & End-times category since 2014...comes some of the most alarming and insightful views on what is shortly to come to pass.

It is time we get back to what the Bible actually does tell us. Events have become very perilous and you are starting to wonder if the minister you trusted with your life is actually wrong about the timing of the Rapture. He said, "...if you don't believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture...you won't get to go..." And you believed him. Now it's becoming clear to you that he was at best...wrong. Should you cave in and take the Mark of the Beast? Some will think "...it can't be the Mark of the Beast...the Pre-Trib Rapture hasn't happened yet." Is this the justification you will use to deny the reality that tough times are ahead?

The church has held a number of beliefs about the end-time that are just plain unscriptural. For centuries we have heard no end about the Antichrist. Would you be surprised to hear that God sends him to intentionally deceive the whole world? Get ready to have your paradigm rocked by scriptures you may have passed over or ignored because they did not fit your churches beliefs. The goal is truth and scriptural accuracy. If you are not prepared to re-evaluate what you have been taught...go back to sleep and let your candle go out.

Learn more about "Mystery Babylon vs the Restrainer" at https://yp-us.com/ or purchase it at amazon.com. Contact Ken Mentell at YeshuaHouse@protonmail.com for interview inquires.

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