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Treetop Hero -- New Redemption Children's Fiction Release Offers an Action-Adventure Escape for Tween Readers
June 1, 2020
ENUMCLAW, Wash., June 1, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- What's a little danger and risk when two squirrel boys' lives are at stake?
In Treetop Hero, twin-sister authors Jean Valentine and Leigh Hartigan, writing under the pen name Jean Leigh Claudette, showcase characters who must work as a team and put others ahead of themselves to rescue two rogue squirrels who sneaked off for a thrill in some drainpipes.
Albero had experienced missions of the worst sort. This sounded like one of those. Albero and the Squirrel City Rescue Rangers brave steep ledges and dark tunnels, face rushing-water, and fight off The Big Stink and his grubby rats in their quest to save the boys--who'd sought adventure but instead found themselves split up, alone, and frightened.

When Albero becomes separated from his crew, he must use his training and wits to weave out of tight spots. With nothing but a cell phone with beetles for batteries and a flashlight with glow worms, will Albero be able to find the boys before the rats do? And when he faces foes on all sides, will his team arrive in time to help save him and his new friend, or will the crazed rodents swarm and take them all down?
Join the adventure and fun in Treetop Hero!

Twin Sisters Become Children's Book Authors
Twin sisters Jean Valentine and Leigh Hartigan are award-winning authors of juvenile fiction and children's books. They write under the pen name Jean Leigh Claudette and have published ten titles. All their books teach low-key life lessons built on adventure, mystery, problem solving, and fun. They love to share their passion for reading.
Learn more about them at www.JeanLeighClaudetteKidBooks.com.  
Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/Jean-Leigh-Claudette  
For review copies and media interviews, contact: Jean Leigh Claudette at JeanLeighClaudette@yahoo.com.
SOURCE Redemption Press
CONTACT: Jean Leigh Claudette, JeanLeighClaudette@yahoo.com
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