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A Voice from the Past

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., April 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- "If you could talk to anyone, alive or dead who would you choose?" Answers to this question, range from dead grandparents to Abraham Lincoln to James Dean. Jesus, and spiritual giants like Peter, Mary, and C.S. Lewis often top lists as well. Most of us have at least one person that we would like to gain wisdom and insight from or simply ask "Why?" But what if we got a visit that we didn't request, from a long-dead apostle?

In Marie Josée Queneau's book "Conversations with Paul," research archeology professor Beth Carpenter is visited by the Apostle Paul. A woman given to science, logic, and pragmatism, Beth is convinced that what God can't answer, science can. But when Paul shows up on a special mission from God, Beth's world begins to change.

Why a fiction book about Paul? "I wanted readers to see Paul in a different light," Queneau says, ". . . I fear that many people don't even see Paul as human or approachable. I wanted to use his character--his words--to change lives." Queneau got the storyline for "Conversations with Paul" through a series of dreams. She names Paul as her favorite Bible character. "I prayed to get to know the REAL Paul, not the rumors and assumptions we have had over the years. This experience led me to a deeper understanding of a man so totally sold out to God."

Although she has enjoyed writing since grade school, this is Queneau’s first attempt at pursuing it seriously. Delving into Paul's life involved a great deal of research. She studied the writings of Josephus, historical studies, and Paul's writings in both English and Greek. While "Conversations with Paul" is fiction and involves a contemporary main character, this author is hoping that her book will give readers a deeper understanding of Paul and the approachable heart behind the New Testament.

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