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Conservative vs. YouTube
Conservative YouTube Channel Creator's Lawsuit against YouTube Well Underway

Contact: Gregory Lincoln Kinney, YouTube Channel Creator, 949-344-4490, GLK333@gmail.com;  www.youtube.com/user/actionadventures; actionandadventuresports.com 

ORANGE, Calif., Nov. 23, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gregory Lincoln Kinney vs. YouTube, LLC. Case #: 30-2015-00776712-CU-BC-CJC

Complaint Filed March 12, 2015.

Jury Trial scheduled May 2017 Central Justice Center C18, Santa Ana, Superior Court of California.

Mr. Kinney, Plaintiff, spent nearly three and a half years building a YouTube Channel entitled "actionadventures" wherein Plaintiff made new video productions and defined his presence and multiple brands in the entertainment industry. Plaintiff developed four separately themed series which were all potential gateways to TV production and programming, primarily in the realm of reality TV or documentary. Actually a fifth series which involved two other production partners was clearly in the works and also gaining popularity. Plaintiff emphasized decency and was perhaps the most persistent, comparing to the multitudes of other channels he came across, in keeping all aspects of his channel rated G. He had acquired over 8,500 subscribers over the years by interaction, communicating, and networking with viewers finding his channel.

Additionally, Plaintiff sought out and found other creators/channels, commented on their videos, and found mutual interests. YouTube, then, out of the blue terminated Plaintiff's channel in November, 2012, which Plaintiff maintained all along was for an illegitimate reason. After Plaintiff's painstaking determination to get through to YouTube and resolve the matter, Plaintiff alleges that YouTube two years later replied in two separate emails, both worded differently, that Plaintiff is not in violation of its Terms of Service after all. YouTube thereafter refused to fix Plaintiff's channel. The channel, "actionadventures" was put back up and running, but in a broken state, and YouTube only restored 67 (out of 8500) of its subscribers.

Thousands of creative hours were permanently lost and Plaintiff's long-planned and worked-on lucrative career plans were sabotaged. Plaintiff wonders: Is this a perfect example of a large company stomping out one of its loyal, good customers, like an ant. Plaintiff alleges that he may have been identified as a conservative Christian and quite possibly for that summarily taken out because he was getting too popular. Plaintiff alleges that it is pretty well known that YouTube has always had a liberal, non-Christian bias, especially back in the election year for Obama's second term—2012, again when "actionadventures" was terminated. Plaintiff has noticed some improvements to YouTube since he has filed the lawsuit. He alleges that maybe they are covering their tracks.

Due to the sensitive legal nature of this press release, let it be known that anything that Plaintiff says or writes are statements that he alleges. Plaintiff would like to encourage his many subscribers and friends of YouTube, all around the nation and world, to contact your news source to vouch for or add to any details that they can. Also, Plaintiff hopes that this will stimulate a nationwide and worldwide conversation as to just what's right and what's wrong with YouTube. Perhaps others feel like they have been unfairly targeted. Perhaps still others see a lot of flaws with YouTube. Plaintiff, for example, still sees suggested YouTube videos pop up of very illicit nature. He does not appreciate it, especially when these illicit images pop up while his kids are on YouTube.

Plaintiff still thinks that YouTube, without its flaws, is a fantastic platform. He is greatly troubled, however, that they would take out one of its biggest fans—a YouTube partner always in "Good Standing," according to their own description, that was trying his best to have an upstanding, very positive, promoting goodness, rated-G channel. Plaintiff also alleges that YouTube first slowed down his YouTube channel when he supported conservative voices such as Donald Trumps (!) back in April 2012.

Please email to request any of the following: 1 Attachment of the Fourth Amended Complaint which covers many details. 2. Answers to any questions you might more immediately have.