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I.B.I.G -- Much More Than Just an Acronym
Contact: Dennis Malouf, President & Founder, I.B.I.G, Inc. , 505-856-5600, dennism@ibelieveingod.org
ALBUQUERQUE, Feb 7, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- One moment we are amazed at life and the next we are stunned by death. That was the case for Dennis Malouf, President and Founder of I.B.I.G, Inc. While on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico preparing to hand out gifts to approximately 4000 impoverished children, the unthinkable happened. A loud crash on the gymnasium floor stunned an entire arena as one of the missionaries fell from the ceiling. On January 5, 2002, 11 year-old Cameron fell about 60 feet and died instantly. Dennis held his still body and knew God had taken him. As Cameron's father and older brother stared in shock and disbelief, Dennis vowed to make sure Cameron's body would be taken home.

Having to get Cameron's body back across the border would need God's hand as Mexican authorities tried to intervene and take control of the situation. "I thought I was dreaming in the 13 or so hours it took to get Cameron back across the border," Dennis said, "God moved in ways only God can and miraculously made it happen."

God was not quite finished though. Seven years to the day of Cameron's death God spoke to Dennis about continuing his young legacy of "serving" disadvantaged, less fortunate children so Dennis founded I.B.I.G, Inc. He called it I.B.I.G as these were the letters inscribed on a charm that Cameron had worn around his neck. Cameron never hesitated to reply what the acronym meant and certainly never flinched at demonstrating what it stood for. "I.B.I.G has taken some time to take root," Dennis added, "but it is God's timing and we are hopeful people will faithfully support it." I.B.I.G supports local ministries who prepare children with life skills and tools necessary to handle life's obstacles.

Times are hard financially for everyone and ministries are certainly not immune. I.B.I.G's main mission is to help sustain programs where children can continue to grow and reach their full potential, achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. A positive influence, especially from accomplishments, have the greatest impact on younger siblings and neighborhood friends.

"It is widely understood that a child’s upbringing, whether kind or cruel, has a major influence on their attitudes and behaviors into adulthood." Dennis concluded, "We should all be concerned about aspects of the development of today's children and recognize the tremendous responsibility we have."