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Global Fast -- Big Vision for Feeding World Both Physically and Spiritually

First International Day of Fasting and Prayer Scheduled for Feb. 21, 2007


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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Global Fast 2007, with the motto of "One Day to Change the World," will take place Feb. 21 of next year. The charity project was created as a way to feed the poor, fight injustice and foster peace throughout the world.


The event invites people to "share their food" with the hungry, and to set aside a day of prayer for the world. Believing that faith, hope and charity can truly change the world, Global Fast founder Rich Halvorson hopes to grow an annual event with people from around the globe joining in a day of fasting and prayer. The vision of Global Fast is to unite people from across the world on one day to fight hunger, poverty and injustice.


"I wanted to create a simple thing, something that everyone can do that would truly make a global impact," Halvorson said. "If we all give up our food together for one day, how many lives can we impact permanently?


"Charity is only half of it – the real key is the spiritual power of millions of us praying together. When we get caught up in the daily hustle, it's all too easy for our prayer and faith to take a back seat. This is one day for the soul to really take priority."


The charity aspect of Global Fast seeks to give everyday individuals a way to have "real impact" on the disturbing prevalence of global poverty. Each day, 852 million people are hungry and more than 16,000 children die due to hunger-related issues. As our world is torn apart by injustice, corruption and sin, there is a real need for charity, hope and spiritual renewal. Together, change can be accomplished through fasting and prayer.


Fasters are asked to donate to charity what they would have spent on food on Feb. 21 – which marks the beginning of Lent, a traditional season of fasting for Christians.


The primary goal of Global Fast is to bring together 10 million American fasters with an ultimate goal of uniting 50 million worldwide. People are asked to pledge a certain amount when signing up to fast and as the fast approaches, they will be given the opportunity to choose from a list of excellent faith-based projects for their donations. Global Fast will partner with faith-based charities that agree to match the donations from individual or group fasters, so the impact is doubled.


For its first official project, Global Fast has partnered with Food For The Poor, Inc. to create a sustainable development project in Cap-Haitien, Haiti – one of the world's poorest countries. Food For The Poor is the third largest international relief charity in the United States – giving over $800 million in aid during 2006 and ministering to the poor all over Latin America and the Caribbean.


"This is a faith-based effort to bring us together," Halvorson said. "Whether you pray every day or haven't talked to God in years, what better day to join in than with 10 million praying together for peace and justice?"


More information is available by visiting www.GF07.com. To schedule an interview with Halvorson, contact Schicker or Walker at (678) 990-9032.