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When Loss Hits Home -- There's Hope

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Aug. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bankruptcy. Divorce. Foreclosure. Terminal illness. Unemployment. For many Americans, hopelessness stands at the doorstep waiting for the morning news. How much worse will it be today?

Cindy Shufflebarger stood at that hopeless place. Though she had it all -- an enviable education, a successful career, a beautiful house in the middle of her hometown -- everything changed the morning she received news that death would come early for her unborn daughter. Following the diagnosis that Ashlynn suffered from a fatal chromosomal defect, doctors recommended termination of the pregnancy. However, Shufflebarger chose to keep the life growing in her, hoping for a miracle.

Several months later, a miracle was born. But the searing pain of death soon followed. And so did a crisis of faith.

In her new book, "Dancing in the Rain," Shufflebarger shares her journey through that crisis in a way that speaks to everyone struggling with loss or hardship. In the opening pages, she describes the familiar feelings of grief: "Part of me wanted to rejoice because, against all odds, Ashlynn was born alive and I was granted two wonderful days to hold and love and care for my sweet baby girl. But I still wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep my pain away. My family was turned upside down. My children suffered. My marriage was strained. Most people didn't know what to say, so they said nothing at all. . . . I felt all alone. Painfully alone."

In her hopelessness, Shufflebarger made a conscious (and courageous) decision to look for the good in her painful circumstances. Eventually, through daily Bible reading and support from close friends, her quest to find hope led her to discover that "joy is a choice to walk in close relationship with God. It's not a wavering emotion based on circumstances."

At a time when so many suffer from hopelessness due to circumstances beyond their control, Shufflebarger offers a powerful message of hope. She explains that the principles she unfolds in her book apply to anyone who's hurting. God answers the hard questions when we have the courage to ask them. Only He can birth life from the pit of pain.

Upcoming Local Events in Mechanicsville, Virginia for Cindy Shufflebarger:

Saturday August 7, 2010 from 10am to 3pm - Hanover Book Festival www.hanoverbookfestival.com.

Sunday August 8, 2010 from 2pm to 5pm - Book Signing at Cool Spring Baptist Church www.coolspring.org.

Cindy's web site: cindyshufflebarger.com   

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