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Richard Cash Takes Aim at Senator Graham Over War with Syria
Contact: Alex Hooper, 864-608-8529
ANDERSON, SC, Sept. 9, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Speaking to the First Monday Club in Anderson, SC, U. S. Senatorial candidate Richard Cash attacked Senator Lindsey Graham's position on war with Syria. Cash, an upstate SC businessman and former Congressional candidate said the decision to start an "optional" war in Syria should be made by the people, through their elected representatives. In that respect Cash believes that Senator Graham is not listening to the people of South Carolina. As is often the case, Graham thinks that he knows better than the people.
Cash asserts that Senator Graham's support of a U.S. military strike on Syria is not compelling and fails the test of strategic coherence. Cash's position, outlined in a blog on his website argues that the U.S. has no vital national interest in Syria. Also, there is no explanation of an endgame strategy; what comes after the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and what our responsibility and commitment would be.
While President Obama clearly wants to save face by making good on his "red line" threats, Cash believes that Senator Graham fails the people of South Carolina and the nation by his complicity with the President to bully the American people in to military action that is ill-defined. In his blog, Cash states, "If we are not prepared to step in and take responsibility for what happens after the overthrow, then in fact we might unintentionally be assisting Islamic extremists. As we have painfully learned over the past decade, starting a war and overthrowing a government might actually be the easier task. It is what comes next, in rebuilding a nation and establishing a credible, Western style government that is so extraordinarily difficult and expensive. Does Senator Graham want America to take on that commitment?"
Richard Cash believes that 20 years in Washington, DC, has so clouded the judgment of Senator Graham that the time has come for the people of South Carolina to replace him with a Senator who has the clarity and courage to lead us in the right direction.
Richard Cash, a businessman from Anderson, is a candidate in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat currently held by Lindsey Graham. In 2010 Cash ran for Congress, narrowly losing to Jeff Duncan in a Republican primary run-off for an open seat.