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Evangelist Pleads for Backup Recruits
Contact: Anita Alvarado, 800-437-1893, aalvarado@livingwaters.com
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Hundreds, if not thousands of atheists have become "followers" on Ray Comfort's Facebook page, and he says that he needs help to reach them. There has been an influx of 80,000 followers in the last two months, and according to Facebook statistics the page has a "weekly total reach" of over a million people. 
Comfort said, "I have looked at a number of other Facebook pages, and have seen an average of 30-40 comments from followers, however, it is not uncommon to get over 1,000 comments on one post on my page (one had over 1900 comments). With six posts each day we can't possibly answer all their questions, and so I'm asking Christians to come and help--because this is a very real battle for a generation." 
The best-selling author and TV co-host is a little mystified as to why so many would camp on his page. "I guess they are bored with their godless life. Atheists aren't the intellectuals they think they are. They think there's no proof for the existence of God. They are like fish in the ocean saying that there's no proof that water exists. They make mindless statements, such as there's no evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. I guess they don't know what year it is. Most Christians find it a little uncomfortable diving into evangelism, and so this is an easy way to get their feet wet."
Comfort added a caution though. "You will need a lot of patience because many show up as though they are God's intellectual gift to the world. They are extremely arrogant, very condescending, they say things that aren't true, and they use worn out arguments. My advice is to wait for a minute to calm down, and then show them love and respect. It is tempting to give a quick sarcastic reply, and that just adds fuel to their fire. It's also important to know that I deliberately create a 'buzz.' I say things like 'Evolution stands in the way of the science of discovery, summed up in Einstein's 'I want to know how God created this world.' This brings them out in force, and gives us an opportunity to give sensible and biblical answers to their questions and objections."
Comfort said that at first they were vicious, but they soon learned that the site has rules--no bad language or bad talk about God. After over 500 were permanently banned from the site for breaking those rules, others have cleaned up their act. "Christians need to keep in mind that atheists' worldview allows them to lie and twist the Scriptures. They mock creation, say that God commands murder and the rape of women, and that the Bible is full of mistakes. However, the issue here isn't about evolution, or even the existence of God. It's about the pleasure of guilt-free sexual sin. Christianity threatens that freedom by saying that fornication and lust are morally wrong, and that God will hold them accountable. They love darkness and hate the light, and so they fight it with all their might and will hold back at nothing in their attempts to extinguish it. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach a Hell-bound world with the gospel of everlasting life. Please help us." Comfort's Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/official.Ray.Comfort or by using the search-words "Ray Comfort Facebook."