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Non-Profit Asks Christians to Reverse Thanksgiving this Holiday
Contact: Jon Hirst, With This Ring, 719-362-5235, jhirst@dotheword.org

YORBA LINDA, Calif., Nov. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- With This Ring founder, Ali Eastburn, is challenging Christians to give more than thanks this holiday, "Being thankful for what we have is not enough. It is time that we give up our blessings so that someone else has something to be thankful for. That's why we are asking Christians to reverse Thanksgiving by participating in a Radical Giving Ring."

Eastburn founded With This Ring two years ago when she felt moved by God to give up the diamond in her wedding ring as a way to help those in Africa get clean water. Since then, the charity has provided clean water to over 20,000 people in Africa as supporters have given up their diamonds and participated in other radical giving projects.

"There is a problem when the things which we are thankful for are the very things that many people have to do without," says Eastburn, "Most of us have an abundance of resources and possessions, even basic necessities. If we merely give thanks for that abundance without blessing others, we are not acting in obedience to God."

With This Ring launched their newest program, "Radical Giving Rings" to enable Christians to share their blessings with others through radical giving. Eastburn explains how the program works, "Ten friends or family members will come together as a radical giving ring. In this ring, members will commit to give up an activity or commodity -- like lattes, magazines, or date nights -- using the money they would have spent on those things to help others in need. The ring of people will act as an accountability group, encouraging one another not to give up and providing the necessary support for givers to see their commitment through."

The money raised by each Radical Giving Ring will go to help train others in radical giving and to build additional wells in African communities.

To learn more about With This Ring, or to find out how to start a Radical Giving Ring in your area, visit www.withthisring.org for more details.