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Obama and 3-Year-Old Curtis Cooper

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OPINION, October 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Curtis Cooper was an adorable 3-year-old toddler who loved to ride his tricycle.  But Curtis had the misfortune to live in Chicago's criminally neglected Cabrini Green housing complex. This hellhole of safety violations was "managed" by Obama's longtime crony, Cullen J. Davis.  And so poor Curtis Cooper was crushed to death when an iron gate fell on top of him on June 28, 2008.


Obama is up to his neck in the sewer of Chicago's public housing scandals, along with his mentor, convicted felon Tony Rezko, Allison Davis (Cullen's father), who's Obama's former law firm boss, and Valerie Jarrett, Obama's senior advisor.  The Boston Globe reported that, as state senator, Obama directed millions of dollars of public funds to these cronies for them to improve public housing. Instead, they pocketed the money, kicked some back to Obama's campaign, and ignored the public housing in their care, sometimes to the point of outright abandonment.


The system worked beautifully for Obama, whose campaign coffers overflowed, and for his cronies who grew rich at the public trough.  But for the poor African-Americans in these projects, who shivered without heat in the winter and endured collapsing roofs and sewage in their kitchen sinks, the system stank.  And for the parents of 3-year-old Curtis Cooper, it brought the ultimate tragedy, leaving them only a lifetime of grief and a lawsuit to pursue justice in their son's name.




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