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Missy Smith Releases Shocking Pro-Life Ads as Part of Congressional Campaign

Contact: Missy Smith, 202-288-4984

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Missy Smith, candidate for Congress 2010 in Washington DC against Eleanor Holmes Norton, has created two pro-life campaign ads.  The ads contain graphic images of healthy unborn babies and babies killed by abortion. See the ads at www.missysmith2010.com.

The ads present a unique opportunity to show the graphic images of babies killed by abortion on national media.  In opposition to the usual media "blackout" regarding the babies, the laws regulating campaign ads allow for the candidate to show the graphic images.

Missy is running for Congress in Washington DC with the express purpose of running the political ads on TV of graphic pictures of healthy unborn babies and dead babies killed by abortion.

Missy Smith states:

"As Father Frank Pavone has said, 'America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion!'

"The two ads I have made for my campaign are jolting!  Watch them and tell me what you think.

"We know these ads will save babies and get the dialogue started that is so needed.  No one can see these ads and not realize that abortion is murder."

The ads will run in the DC metro area until the day of the election, November 2.

There is a small window of opportunity to run the ads, from today until November 2.  Time is critical.  After November 2, it will no longer be possible to run the ads.

Except for a few small campaign expenses, every penny raised in this campaign will go toward the ads. 

Missy Smith states:

"We must rise and strike now!  I am thrilled to be a  part of this amazing opportunity to change history and show the horror of legalized child killing.

"God bless this chance we have to show the truth in our nation's capital where Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Norton all support and promote legalized child killing.

"So here I am, Missy 'Reilly' Smith, in 'the belly of the beast,' Washington D.C., on the ballot running against big government, pro-child killing, same sex marriage incumbent, Eleanor Holmes Norton."

Go to www.missysmith2010.com to view and contribute to these ads running in the DC metro area.

Press contact: Missy Smith: 202 - 288 - 4984