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Chicagoland Product Wins New Product of the Year

Modeled after the red fire pull stations, BluePoint notifies the Police within 8 seconds

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Contact: Nathan Misirian, 262-323-1776

ELGIN, Ill., Dec. 5, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The bottom line is this: the faster the police response, the faster a critical situation is resolved. A local product, developed in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and based off the proven approach fire alarms have been using for over 50 years, has won Product of the Year by Security Products Magazine for its ability to shave essential time off police notification and building wide broadcasts during on-site incidents.

Every second counts. While the average duration of an incident is only 12 minutes long, a recent FBI study reported that 69% end within 5 minutes. In most active incidents, the people responsible for security protocols or notifications are trapped, prevented, or delayed in communicating to police and the entire facility of an active incident.

BluePoint's ability to result in faster on-site response and facility-wide broadcasts
were key to its recent award recognition.

How BluePoint works:

  • Anyone can activate a BluePoint Pull Station
  • Instant notification through a UL-listed monitoring system
  • Police immediately dispatched and notified of exact alert source, down to the detail of which pull station within the building was activated
  • Immediate, facility-wide automated broadcast calmly alerts occupants to seek cover and initiate security protocol, using building PA/phone system
  • Key stakeholders receive immediate notification of event notifications or email message

"Whether for our kids in school or us in the workplace, we shouldn't have to worry about our safety or the safety of our loved ones. Our vision is to have BluePoint Pull Stations next to the Red Fire Pull Stations in all buildings across the country. Faster response and building-wide awareness will, ultimately, save lives," says co-Founder John McNutt.

Our Web site: www.bluepointalert.com

About BluePoint
Stemming from the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, co-Founders John McNutt, Ken Volkening and John Shales recognized through a conversation with a local school superintendent the need for a faster police response and building wide notification system. Since going on the market in 2013, BluePoint has developed a presence in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. The proprietary (patent pending) emergency rapid response system, fully customizable for all public and private buildings, includes easy to access Police pull stations, indoor and outdoor visual alerts, mobile devices, integrated 24/7 monitoring, fully supervised, complete battery back-up and a broadcast alert system that ensures faster Police response and a safer environment. To learn more about BluePoint please visit
www.bluepointalert.com or contact co-Founders John McNutt, at johnmcnutt@bluepointalert.com or John Shales at johnshales@bluepointalert.com.
About Security Products Magazine
The Security Products New Product of the Year Award is in its sixth successful year. The award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security. For more information visit,