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Terry Allan Christian, Author of 'What Did Jesus Say' Announces 'Bible Belt Tour' Celebrating 40 Years Serving Jesus
Terry Allan Christian's book, 'What Did Jesus Say' helps lead Christians back to the words of Jesus. Rev. Christian begins his 'Bible Belt Tour' from Birmingham Al area October 5, 2014.

Contact: Helen Cook, 903-654-0938

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 30, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- As a Christian author and speaker, Rev. Terry Allan Christian's singular mission is to reestablish true Christian values in the most powerful way – by presenting only the words actually spoken by Jesus Christ. In his ministry and in his message, there is no place for politics, personal opinions or interpretations carefully crafted to entertain congregations. 'What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from The Master,' focuses solely on the words spoken by Jesus and nothing more. His upcoming Walking with The Master "Bible Belt Tour" takes that message directly to the states best known for Bible believers.

"I believe with God, all things are possible- all the time, and I'm blessed to spend the rest of my life helping everyone I meet live peacefully, in Christ Jesus."

"Walking with the Master" is the personal life testimony of Rev. Christian. It begins with his born again experience in his early years to the near death experience at 23 that introduced him to the Voice of the Lord. Now at 63, (40 yrs later) he tells the whole story how the Lord took him from being a stutterer, to becoming a motivational speaker delivering over 2500 speeches throughout America, to becoming a Minister for the Lord.

* He tells the story behind his book 'What Did Jesus Say.' The day he began the final editing his father had a heart attack and died. His mother died soon after. It would be 10 more years before his book was finally in print as he experienced Job-like difficulties.

His journey was filled with inspiration, difficulties and heartaches; however, he explains, it was the 'words of Jesus' that guided and helped him the most.

His testimony encourages everyone to trust what Jesus said above all others, and to understand the importance of prayer in the midst of difficulties and heartaches.

He has also prepared a new Walking with the Master video preview to coincide with his Bible Belt tour. The video is posted on his ministry site.

Terry Allan Christian rev.christian@me.com