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It's Time to Put a WRAP on Porn -- Especially Online

Bestselling Author Teresa Tomeo calls Morality in Media campaign 'key'

Contact: Tim Lilley, 678-990-9032, TLilley@MaximusMG.com; Kevin Wandra, 678-990-9032, KWandra@MaximusMG.com

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Look for white ribbons this week -- on people, buildings and other objects -- as part of Morality in Media's WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography) campaign, which runs through Nov. 6.

"At least one psychologist has likened online porn to a perfect drug-delivery system," said bestselling author and syndicated radio host Teresa Tomeo, whose new book, EXTREME MAKEOVER, is available now from Ignatius Press.  You can have that "drug" pumped into your system -- your home, your tablet, your smart phone -- 24/7.

"The evidence regarding the impact of pornography on children, women, families, and the institution of marriage continues to mount," Tomeo added. "That's why the WRAP campaign is so important. Awareness is key in our efforts to make a difference in our media-saturated culture."

In EXTREME MAKEOVER, Tomeo makes a compelling case for women to begin their own, personal, extreme makeover to rid themselves of the toxic messages that seek to destroy their basic human dignity. Among those messages are porn-based suggestions that women's self-worth is tied to their looks ... their desirability as sex objects. Over time, these messages are reaching younger and younger audiences.

"Today," Tomeo said, "the average age for children to view online porn is 9 years old, and pornography has been shown to lead to increases in sex trafficking and prostitution. Campaigns like WRAP give us a chance to speak out against the damage pornography continues to inflict on women of all ages, and on children. We simply must rid our culture of this disgusting mess."

To schedule an interview with Tomeo and/or to request a review copy of EXTREME MAKEOVER, contact Tim Lilley (TLilley@MaximusMG.com) or Kevin Wandra (KWandra@MaximusMG.com) of The Maximus Group at 678-990-9032, or at the email addresses above.