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LIFEHQ Organizes Massive 'Virtual March for Life'

Roses representing children lost to abortion to be collected in front of the Supreme Court

Contact: Sean O'Hare, LIFEHQ, 703-282-0495

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- Hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets of Washington, DC on January 22 for the March for Life, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court in 1973, and LIFEHQ plans to bring hundreds of thousands more together online.

The effort is centered around www.lifehq.org, a site where people can sign up to be "virtual" participants in the March for Life. Hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates have been contacted via email, and those who sign up will create the nucleus of a new, online mobilization of supporters of every human being's right to life.

"As we face a serious discussion about the future of abortion legislation in this country, it is important that people who support the right to life, harness the power of the internet to create a place where people connect to stay current on pending legislation, new research, and other important information on life issues," said Sean O'Hare, LIFEHQ spokesman. "LIFEHQ provides just such a site."

In addition, the group will facilitate the collection of 3,700 roses - one for each of the approximately 3,700 children lost each day to abortion - in front of the Supreme Court at the end of the March for Life in Washington.

"We tend to hear about abortion only in dire, polarizing terms," O'Hare added. "But it is important to remember that when a child dies in an abortion, the pain and grief that the mother and father of that child feel is very real. We need to reach out compassionately to these survivors of abortion, and we need to realize that there are no winners in abortion. There is just loss and more loss."

LIFEHQ represents one of the most technologically sophisticated efforts in the pro-life movement. It's potential to reach millions of like-minded Americans with current, critical information on key life issues is likely to have a profound effect on mobilizing young, passionate Americans to build a culture in which each life is respected, regardless of age.

Visit www.lifehq.org