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Pat Boone TV Ad Promotes Tea Party Candidate

Contact: Pat Boone, 310-858-0044, (California), boonesbiz@aol.com; Clayton Trotter, 210-473-7333 cell, (Texas), rct@trotterforcongress.com; Adam McManus, radio talk show host & volunteer with Trotter for Congress, 210-373-7499 cell, (Texas), TalkRadioAdam@gmail.com; www.TakeAStand.net

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pat Boone, the legendary entertainer, has just endorsed the pro-life, Tea Party Republican congressional candidate Clayton Trotter in the San Antonio, Texas, District 20 race against liberal, pro-abortion Democrat incumbent Charlie Gonzalez.  
Here's the transcript: 
"Hi, I'm Pat Boone.  Back in 1962, I sang a top ten song called 'Speedy Gonzales' about the fastest mouse in Mexico.  You might remember this line:  'Speedy Gonzales, why don't you come home?'  Today, a different question:  'Charlie Gonzalez, why don't you come home?'  As a Congressman, you're spending our hard-earned tax money like there's no tomorrow.  Sorry Charlie!  You don't represent we the people.  On November 2nd, vote Clayton Trotter for Congress." 

Watch the new Pat Boone 30-second TV ad
Listen to the original Pat Boone song and read the original lyrics.
Learn more about cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez, "the fastest mouse in all Mexico."

Stark differences in the Texas District 20 race

Charlie Gonzalez has been in office for 12 years, having won the same office that his father -- the late Henry B. Gonzalez -- held for 38 years.  That's 50 years of a Gonzalez dynasty!  In many ways, the liberal Gonzalez family thinks they own the District 20 seat not unlike the liberals' attitude toward the seat of the late Senator Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.

But it's the people's seat!

Charlie Gonzalez voted for ObamaCare, the stimulus bill, the bailouts and the bill that raised the ceiling for the national debt. He is rabidly pro-abortion, even voting against a ban on partial-birth abortion and against the Infant Born Alive Protection Act which would protect children who had miraculously survived a botched abortion. 

In addition, Gonzalez voted against a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Clayton Trotter's background 

The father of 11 children, Clayton Trotter has taught constitutional law as a professor, believes in traditional marriage and has worked as General Counsel for The Justice Foundation in San Antonio, Texas to help overturn Roe v. Wade.  His stump speech is short.  "Stop sending.  Cut taxes.  Pay down the debt."

Six years ago, his son John Byron was killed in Iraq during "Operation Iraqi Freedom" defending the Constitution just like Trotter wants to defend the Constitution in D.C. from all enemies -- foreign and domestic.  Trotter and his wife Leah have just adopted three orphans from Haiti following the earthquake. 

How close it's getting

Internal polling indicates that 29% of Democrats were already planning to vote for Trotter because they were so disgusted with Charlie Gonzalez.  However, when they hear that Gonzalez voted for ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, and with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time in 2009, that number skyrockets to 50% of Democrats desiring to vote for Trotter.

80% of independents currently support Trotter.  That number jumps to 100% when they learn the ugly truth about Gonzalez.

The Pat Boone TV ad will convince the 30% of undecided voters to vote for Trotter.

Another internal projection shows that Trotter is only 600 votes away from Gonzalez.  It's that close!