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Pharisee is a Dirty Word -- The Book That No One Wants, But Every Christian Needs

Contact: John Elzinga, Reality Check Resources, 866-587-8412, john@realitycheckresources.com


Photo: John Elzinga


TEMECULA, Calif., Sept. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- In Dec. 2005, John Elzinga released a book as well as a video series entitled: "Thank God I’m Not A Pharisee…Or Am I?" While those who have read the book—some more than once—describe it as life-changing it has not managed to generate any buzz, let alone sales. Certainly, it could be because it was “self-published,” thus not getting typical ‘big publisher’ exposure. And certainly, it could be that John Elzinga is not known, nor does he have the exposure of popular Christian authors who have a platform like a large mega-church, a radio show, or are a seminary or college professor.


But while these are valid considerations, there is another reason that is more sinister, and lurks below the surface. The reason "Thank God I’m Not a Pharisee…Or Am I?" has not yet yielded any traction is simply because no one thinks they need it. It seems that the word Pharisee in the Christian vernacular is a dirty word. Pointing out to people that they may have the same tendencies and characteristics as the Pharisees is too negative, too challenging, and too condemning. Elzinga reports: “While creating a name for this series, my agent and I were seriously thinking about calling the title, “The ‘P’ Word,” because it seems the word Pharisee has the same weight and derogatory connotation as any four-letter swear word.”


Ironically, the point of the book and video series is alluded to in the sub-title: "Charting a Course for Grace-Full Living." The emphasis being that true grace can only exist when we confront the cancers of our own self-righteousness, legalism, and judgementalism. Elzinga ads, "You really need to be a secure Christian to read this book!"


Elzinga’s intent is to challenge the Christian community to address the question Jesus asked: “Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had on you?”


John Elzinga formed Reality Check Resources to provide seminars, books, and video resources designed to help Christians think about their life of faith and how to be maximized. His goal is to help Christians in general, and evangelical churches in particular deal with issues which may be holding them back from being maximized. His background includes several years in ministry, twenty-two years in business, consulting, life-coaching, and speaking. He can be reached at 866-587-8412, or john@realitycheckresources.com