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Spirit of God Seen Moving in New Book
That's what some people are saying about a new book, "Talking Tombstones."

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Contact: Jesse H. Merrell, 202-265-1925, Jesse@Jessehmerrell.com

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The publisher, Christian Faith Publishing, says:

This book combines real-life stories with moral lessons that will gently touch your heart and movingly warm your soul:

In "Talking Tombstones," Jesse H. Merrell triggers lifeless tombstones into revealing heart-tugging stories about the people buried there.

You'll feel his pain as he nostalgically paints a broad panorama of bitterly painful guilt, exposing his remorse for not showing gratitude to his kindhearted father.

You'll feel you are sitting right beside him on his haunting, heart-rending, all-night train ride to his benevolent father's funeral.

You'll marvel at the sickly child who became a giant in God's "Grand Army of Salvation."

You'll appreciate the insightful sermon by the pastor who preached a so-called mean man into heaven—which no one thought possible.

You'll cringe as you see his mother being violently dragged beneath a car—roaring toward a neck-breaking railroad track. . . until heaven intervenes.

You'll feel swept into nostalgic memories that will profoundly warm your heart forever.

The book magnificently rivets those memories into noble examples that we can all follow today to benefit struggling mankind.

"God is surely the invisible pole, gently pulling at the magnetic needle which glazes the uninfringeable chambers of our sacred soul," the author declares, "molding our moral compass which points unerringly to Him," and how we can "influence others when using our God-given endowments for good."

The author describes the death of the sickly child who became a giant in God's army of salvation as "A Flutter of Angel Wings:"

"At that desolating instant—in an austere but serene millisecond flash of divine majesty—I felt as if a heavenly veil had parted, exquisitely illuminating the soft flutter of angel wings, hovering gently and tenderly over the sickbed of their treasured charge. . .

"Their job on earth of protecting Pattie was now finished. . . The only thing left was for Pattie to be carried away by the angels into Abraham's boson, as Lazarus was."

The reader may feel swept away by this remarkable treasure of unforgettable narratives.

The book is available at major online outlets.

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