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Christian Blogger Reveals Amazing Islamic-Catholic Connection: Mary

Contact: Ed Rodgers, 843 681-6256, edauthor@roadrunner.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- In his latest edition, Christian blogger, Ed Rodgers, reveals an amazing connection between Islam and Catholicism he discovered while researching his latest book (www.edrodgers.net/islam-and-the-last-days). At the center of the connection is the doctrine of Mary, which Muhammad learned from Catholic friends and business associates. The Qur'an reflects what he learned from them. It refers to Jesus as "Jesus, son of Mary" rather than "Son of God." It gives Jesus high marks, but not as high as Mary, and denies His claim to be God's Son. She has become the Savior, not Jesus.

So, what is it about Mary that captivates Muslims so much? Her apparitions. Muslims have always been into the mystical and the superstitious. Mary fits right in. We tend to think only of Catholics when we hear of the magical appearances of Mary and her spiritual messages. Muslims have been flocking to these same sites. One of the most dramatic examples occurred during the last century, when a remarkable series of events occurred at a Coptic Orthodox church in Zeitoun, Egypt. A woman that onlookers believed was Mary, appeared in the form of an apparition, performing signs, wonders, and healings. The same woman appeared several nights each week for years. The vast majority of spectators were Muslims. Today, an increasing number of Muslims are making pilgrimages to Marian shrines.

The connection is also seen in the fact that throughout the Middle East, the local Catholic Church and the local mosque are almost always side by side, displaying the same symbols.

Could it be that the Qur'an has prepared Muslims to accept Mary as a Last Days sign from Allah? Could it also be that through her signs and wonders, the "Queen of Heaven" could convince Muslims to become part of a world religion in which Mary has a prominent role?

You can read the entire blog at www.edrodgers.net/?p=472.  
Ed can be reached at 843 681-6256 or edauthor@roadrunner.com.