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Serial Short Story Writer Dean Caldwell's Stories Now Selling Worldwide
Contact: Abigail Zalar, 909-285-8711

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dean Caldwell, serial short story writer of "Alabama," "Alaska," and "Arizona," are now selling in 14 countries.

"Amazon.com" markets exclusively all of Dean Caldwell present and future short stories through their "Kindle Edition(s)" service. If potential readers worldwide have "Amazon.com PRIME" service, then they have unlimited access to read all of Dean Caldwell's stories for "free." Otherwise, for a nominal investment equal to that of $1.00 United States dollar in their own particular countries currency, potential short story lovers in 14 nations will have it instantly auto-delivered wirelessly to them.

"Each of my short stories are different. You should enjoy reading them all," said Dean Caldwell.

His short stories are available now through: "Amazon.com (AUSTRALIA)"; "Amazon.com (BRAZIL)"; "Amazon.com (CANADA)"; "Amazon.com (CHINA)"; "Amazon.com (FRANCE)"; "Amazon.com (GERMANY)"; "Amazon.com (INDIA)"; "Amazon.com (ITALY)"; "Amazon.com (JAPAN)"; "Amazon.com (MEXICO)"; "Amazon.com (NETHERLANDS)"; "Amazon.com (UNITED KINGDOM)"; "Amazon.com (UNITED STATES)"; and "Amazon.com (SPAIN)".

Dean Caldwell is also available to speak at conventions, at workshops, on (satellite) radio talk shows, and on T.V. (talk) shows. One can contact his office at: P.O. Box 593; Rancho Cucamonga, California; 91729; U.S.A.