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McCain Played to his Strengths and Gave Substance to Change, Crouse Says

Contact: Valerie Mosher, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, 202-488-7000, ext. 126

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Janice Shaw Crouse, Political Commentator for Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, issued the following statement about John McCain's acceptance speech during the final night of the Republican Convention in St Paul.

John McCain played to his strengths and turned his acceptance speech into a format as close to a town hall meeting as possible in a vast arena.  In a climate of change and reform, in a climate of rhetorical flourishes and theatrical settings, in a climate of youthful vigor, optimism and idealism, what could a battered-and-scarred warrior who left his vigor on the battlefield and substituted his idealism for a bone-deep vision and mission do?  McCain laid down the battle line and signaled, with clarity and force, the choice before the American public.  He called for the American people to put their trust in him -- an "imperfect servant of my country ... who has never lived a day, in good times and bad, that I didn't thank God for the privilege."

John McCain presented the real John McCain with authenticity, sincerity and a powerful personal narrative.  He showcased the driving force that propels him forward and told America about the point when his life's "calling" became "Country First."  He took over "change" and provided programmatic substance to the theme.  He showed his fighting spirit and made the case that reform means battle scars, not a glib tongue.  He honestly admitted that his party has lost the trust of the people because of corruption and earmarks.  He argued that, as a maverick, he is the one to take on the special interest groups because he knows the playing field, the players and which game plans work.

Dr. Crouse's complete analysis is available at www.cwalac.org