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Mr. Troy Newman, Operation Rescue West, Resigns Suddenly From His Church; Operation Rescue Identity Theft Legal Complaint Linked Below

Contact: Randall Terry, 904-819-9450

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, has filed suit against Mr. Troy Newman for fraudulently claiming to own the name, Operation Rescue.

Mr. Terry and several other Christians were in various stages of bringing formal complaints and charges against Mr. Newman at his church, Heartland Community Church, when Mr. Newman suddenly resigned in writing from that congregation on May 27. At what Church can Mr. Newman now be questioned or corrected?

"This case is only about one thing: whether Mr. Newman fraudulently registered the name Operation Rescue with the Trademark Office. We believe he did; and we believe the documentation linked below provides irrefutable evidence that I alone am the creator and owner of the name, Operation Rescue. We leave it to the press and the public to judge.

"The press, the media, the pro-life movement, pro-life donors and pro-life activists need to see for themselves what Mr. Newman is attempting: Identity Theft. It is humorous that Mr. Newman and his cabal are attacking me – without having read the document I now release!" -- Randall Terry, Founder Operation Rescue

Following are links to all pertinent data proving the allegations that Mr. Newman falsely filed with the trademark office.

For Christian media: All options for Christian mediation and resolution were exhausted before this complaint was made public. (See pages 3 and 14 at link below.) Mr. Newman rebuffed all efforts at Christian mediation, including efforts from a nationally know pro-life leader.

Link to certified copy of Mr. Terry's business certificate for Operation Rescue, filed October 14, 1988. http://www.operationrescuetheft.com/RTbusinesscert.pdf

Link to Operation Rescue Identity Theft, documenting the history of the name, Operation Rescue. www.operationrescuetheft.com  (Read comments of pro-life leaders who have commented on the accuracy of this document.)

Link to Mr. Newman's trademark filing, claiming to have used the name since 1991. http://tmportal.uspto.gov/external/portal/tow. At site, use serial number: 78630590. On top right Mr. Newman claims he began using the name Operation Rescue in July of 1991. This is a fabrication; July 1991 was during the Summer of Mercy, before Mr. Newman was involved with Operation Rescue.

Read Mr. Terry's legal complaint: http://www.operationrescuetheft.com/motion-to-amend.pdf

Link to case, Terry v Newman: http://ttabvue.uspto.gov/ttabvue/ Put in proceeding number 92047809

To interview Mr. Terry, call 904-819-9450

To interview Mr. Michael Culver (Mr. Terry's attorney) on the law, call 703-243-6333.