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Marriage Wins in Three More States

Homosexuals protest voters in streets and court

Contact: Valerie Mosher, Concerned Women for America, 202-488-7000, ext. 126

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- Three more states join 27 others this week as citizens in California, Florida and Arizona passed amendments to protect marriage.  But homosexual activists in California responded by protesting in the streets and filing three lawsuits.

"A broad array of citizens, spanning race, class and gender, united to protect marriage," said Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America.  "In contrast to candidates with vague messages, the marriage amendments provided a clear choice on a moral issue -- and Americans choose to protect marriage.

"In Florida, more people voted for marriage than voted for Obama.

"In Arizona, the amendment won two years after the only loss in the country of a marriage amendment.

"In California, marriage advocates faced intimidation, vandalism, the ire of Hollywood stars and opposition from Internet moguls.  Marriage proved more important to the voters than threats or approval from cultural elites.

"Yet homosexual activists refuse to respect the voters.  On Wednesday, hundreds protested in Los Angeles, banging on doors and windows.  The ACLU and others filed lawsuits in three cities to shop for an activist judge to overturn the vote.

"California judges provoked the voters to pass this marriage amendment by ignoring the referendum that was passed in 2000 to define marriage as between one man and one woman.  If a judge ignores California's citizens a second time, the damage would go beyond imposing same-sex 'marriage.'  It would destroy trust in the judicial system.  In demanding that they get their way, homosexual activists are threatening public safety and the integrity of our system of government."

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.