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Joy Junction Running Out of Food

Shelter Feeding almost 10,000 Meals a Month and Sheltering Over 300 People Nightly


Contact: Jeremy Reynalds, 505-400-7145


ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, April 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Homeless men, women and families continue in droves to call Joy Junction --Albuquerque's largest emergency homeless shelter -- for a ride to warmth, safety and a hot meal.


Shelter officials say the two-decade old ministry has been feeding and sheltering more than 300 people nightly. That's almost 10,000 meals a month and 9,000-plus nights of shelter.


These homeless men, women and children would have otherwise been forced to wonder where their next meal was coming from, and contend with life on Albuquerque's streets.


A few years ago Joy Junction fed and cared for around 150 people a night. Now that number is regularly over 300 people nightly.


All those extra meals are putting a strain on the shelter's dwindling food supplies. Shelves are fast getting bare. Joy Junction Founder and CEO Dr. Jeremy Reynalds said, "I'm concerned that I'll get a call from our chef one morning saying, 'Our shelves are empty!'"


Reynalds said he is hoping generous friends in the community will help replenish the shelter's food cupboards. Donations can be bought down to the shelter's South Valley location at 4500 Second Street SW.


In addition, the shelter is fast running out of space. Reynalds said, "The increase in need shows no signs of going away. We need to be looking at the possibility of increasing the numbers of those whom we can help."


An ability to expand, Reynalds said, would of course depend on the community's willingness to support such a move. Joy Junction does not receive government support of any kind.


Reynalds attributed the increase in Joy Junction's numbers to a number of issues, including a difficult economy with sky- rocketing prices plunging more people on the edge into need, and an increased awareness among the needy that the faith-based philosophy which characterizes Joy Junction really does work.


"People are looking for answers," Reynalds said. "And while not in any way decrying professional therapeutic help, the best answer we have for those gripped by depression, substance abuse or whatever need they may be experiencing is the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ."