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Authors Share 'Incites' on Finding Your Place in God's Story

Contact: Janis Backing, 312-329-2108, janis.backing@moody.edu 

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- God has created each of us to play our part in His story. But what does that mean for us individually, particularly when the plot doesn't turn out as we had hoped?

In the new book, Inciting Incidents: 6 Stories of Fighting Disappointment in a Flawed World, author and self-proclaimed "skinny white girl" Sarah Cunningham has curated the real-life narratives of artists who battle depression, confront cancer, come to terms with past sexual abuse, and more.

There are no "deus ex machina" moments, no false pretense ... just raw and compelling storytelling that awakens us to our own inciting incidents, the climactic moments of our lives that play a role in God's greater story.

"This book is for that moment when you realize the world will not always blaze a trail to welcome you or your aspirations. And it is for those later disappointments, when you come to understand that disappointment and challenge will surface again and again," Cunningham explains.

Ultimately, the authors hope that many will come to see life's unexpected plot points as necessary ingredients for deeper peace and spiritual growth that draw us nearer to God.

"Change is sometimes forced on us. Every circumstance comes with decisions to make in how to handle them. The fork in the road speaks of paths that will either lead to healing, or further pain," notes contributor Tracee Persiko, a counselor and blogger who writes candidly about her own wounds from past family issues.

Each chapter is accompanied by original artwork that sets the stage for each story. The result is a feast-for-the-eyes compilation, a collective call to face life's imperfections while attempting to do the great things we all want to do. Among the stories featured:

  • Blogger Jeff Goins shares the story of how on the streets of Spain, his eyes were opened to the plight of the homeless.
  • Worship leader and songwriter Mandy Thompson tells how she discovered the "gift" in her battle with depression.
  • Creative director and actor Blaine Hogan opens up about being seized by panic.
  • Innovative pastor David Hickman talks about his struggle with the pressure to perform.
  • And creative consultant David Wenzel talks about being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and waiting to see God's purpose behind it all.

Cunningham concludes, "Every time your faith clashes with the reality of our broken planet, it can become an inciting incident. The authors and I hope and pray that something in these stories will incite good and propel the plot of people's lives forward into greatness."

In addition to writing books, Sarah Cunningham happily sinks her imagination into events and projects that attempt to stir extraordinary things in a sometimes too-ordinary world. Her current pet projects include STORY (
www.storychicago.com) and People of the Second Chance (www.potsc.com).

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