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Crista Stewart and Her Little Frog Take a Leap of Faith with a New Book that Gives Children a Lesson in Self-Acceptance

Contact: Crista Stewart, 724-503-5300

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Crista Stewart, 38, became inspired to write her first book "The Little Frog" while she was teaching Sunday school at her local church. A co-worker began enlightening the students that FROG was an acronym for Fully Rely On God. This concept sparked an idea in Crista and she went home that very night and wrote "The Little Frog," a children's book that teaches how God has a purpose for all of us and loves us despite what we perceive as our own flaws. "I know God wants this message to be heard by children" explained Stewart, "because when I sat down that night to write the story the words just came pouring out."

Stewart's mission in writing "The Little Frog" is her hope to make a difference. Through an endearing little green creature named Little Frog, Crista gives us a lesson in faith, love and self-acceptance all rolled into one. The Little frog in Crista's book, which is written for pre-schoolers through elementary age, thinks God doesn't love him because he doesn't look like all the other frogs. He is small, isn't the right shade of green and is missing a leg and, for these reasons, feels insignificant. He soon realizes, however, that God has a special purpose in mind for him. "It's easy to go through life wishing we were like someone else", states Stewart, "my book teaches us to realize that God made each of us exactly the way He intended for His great purpose."

As the news spreads throughout the Christian community about Stewart's book and its message, lead singer from the popular Christian pop band, Jars of Clay, Dan Haseltine, had this to say about The Little Frog: "Little Frog is a welcomed new character in the stories of children with disabilities who wonder why they are made differently, and every child who is searching for love and acceptance in a big world."

"We are all different in some way," says Crista, "my book will change your child's perception of him or herself, and teach him to value his uniqueness. And Little Frog may even grab your heart too." The Little Frog is an ideal, easy-to-understand, tale to incorporate into your child's library.

Crista received a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood education. She later received her Special Education degree from The University of Pittsburgh. She worked in the field for 4 years before starting her family in 2000. A stay-at-home Mom, Crista currently resides in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and four children. Crista plans to continue writing and hopes to someday make The Little Frog book into a series. The Little Frog is available at www.cristastewartslittlefrog.com, halopublishing.com and amazon.com. You can also go to YouTube and type in The Little Frog by Crista Stewart and view a few pages from "The Little Frog" book.