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Women Hurt by Abortion Call on Planned Parenthood and All Texas Abortionists to Show Women Their Sonograms

Contact: Allan Parker, Operation Outcry, 210-833-1119

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Jan. 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Texas Women hurt by abortion will be gathering in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility, on January 3, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at 104 Babcock, San Antonio, Texas, to protest the abortionists' failure to show women their sonograms before obtaining their supposedly "informed consent" to abortion. How can you be fully informed when your doctor won't tell you the truth or show you a sonogram?

The women who will be standing outside the abortion facility are women who were not told the true nature of abortion by their abortionists and who were deeply harmed by their abortionists' failure to disclose the true nature of abortion. They were not shown the sonograms, thus did not give fully informed consent, and thus were hurt by abortion.

"I wish I would have had the opportunity to see an ultrasound, or information about fetal development, before my abortion at age 16.  There are no words to describe the amount of pain, guilt, and trauma I experienced when I saw pictures of fetal development two years later.   I was horrified that the "products of conception" and "tissue" I had "removed from my uterus" had had precious little hands and feet, and a beating heart.  I felt like a monster.  And I felt betrayed by the medical professionals I had trusted."  Lisa Skowron from San Antonio

Myra Myers says, "Am I really better off today - for having been uninformed, about the life that was in my womb? Ignorance did not make me innocent of the death of my child. Ignorance does not give us a choice. Only the truth does. It is a given that patients are to be fully informed - not denied their patient rights. In the case of abortion, there are two patients: a woman and a child. The woman has the right to know - she has become a mother. After the abortion, I was still a mother - only now I was the mother of a dead child! Ignorance did not make me innocent but an accomplice in the murder of my child. Without being informed, I made the tragic poor-choice that resulted in the grief of losing my child and his descendants. Without being informed, I experienced the guilt of being responsible for the losses.  Without being informed, I did not have the truth - that could have made me innocent!"

"I had an abortion in Houston. I was not informed by the doctor that I was pregnant with a baby. I was told I just had a blob of tissue by Planned Parenthood after they did my pregnancy test and then referred me to a nearby abortion clinic. I was not given the option of hearing my baby's heartbeat. Had I been given the opportunity of seeing my baby and hearing the heartbeat, I can assure you that I would not have chosen abortion... How can anyone believe that abortion should be legal after seeing a baby living in the womb of its mother on a sonogram and hearing the heartbeat of that baby?" Nona Ellington, of Houston, TX.

"Medical professionals may want to prevent a woman from seeing an ultrasound before her abortion, but they can't prevent her from seeing one in the future.  Many post-abortive women have described the guilt and devastation they felt years after their abortions, when they saw, during an ultrasound, the beating heart of a child the same gestational age as the one they had aborted.  How many women in unplanned pregnancies would feel guilty seeing an ultrasound before abortion and how many would simply have a change of heart?  What a tragedy if we don't allow them the freedom and opportunity to find out." Lisa (Facilitator of Post-Abortion Recovery in San Antonio, TX)

A recent meta-analysis in the British Journal of Psychiatry recently reviewed 22 major studies and found that women who had an abortion had an 81% increased likelihood of adverse mental health consequences, and that ten percent of female mental health problems studied were attributable to abortion. Coleman, British Journal of Psychiatry.