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Second Issue of Purpose Driven Connection Quarterly Magazine Gives Perspective on Biblical Worldview: Articles of Hope and Inspiration Provide Encouragement for Difficult Days
Contact: Kristin Cole, 615-289-6701; Purpose Driven Connection
PLEASANTVILLE, NY, April 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The second issue of Purpose Driven Connection magazine, developed through a collaborative partnership between Dr. Rick Warren and The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., hits newsstands April 28 with fresh content providing clarity for readers with a biblical perspective on issues and current events.
"Everyone has a worldview," Editor-in-Chief Rick Warren writes in this Spring issue's opening editorial message. "Your worldview includes all you believe about life and death; right and wrong; pain and happiness; good and evil; time and money; God and truth; the past and the future; yourself and others. Unfortunately, not everything we believe is true.
"That is why knowing what's true and real, and what isn't true and real, is so important," continued Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life," the bestselling hardback book in American history, and pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. "If you base your life on a faulty worldview, the results will be disastrous. One of the reasons we created Purpose Driven Connection is to help you clarify your worldview."
Purpose Driven Connection magazine, containing a small group DVD and study guide workbook, is the flagship resource of Purpose Driven Connection, an innovative multi-media suite of tools that includes an interactive Web site. This second issue once again provides relevant content laced with hope and encouragement to help readers find spiritual solutions to their everyday struggles.
Along with article by Rick Warren, this issue also contains insights on biblical worldview from several notable leaders, including Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship and author of more than 20 books; Os Guinness, author of "The Case for Civility: And Why Our Future Depends on It;" and Kay Warren, HIV/AIDS advocate and wife of Rick Warren.
"Without a passionate, knowledgeable relationship with God, our troubles, sorrows, grief, struggles and disappointments can become unbearable," Kay Warren writes in her timely article, "You Are What You Believe." "Knowing God changes everything – or at least it should. Too often in my life, there is a disconnect between what I say I believe and how I actually act. I can give speeches about my faith and trust in God and his goodness, but the 'proof' of my worldview is borne out in how I respond when the drama and trauma of daily life smacks me in the face."
Many articles in this Spring issue speak directly to readers facing economic hardships, such as a piece by personal financial management expert Dave Ramsey titled, "How to Triumph in Tough Financial Times." Ramsey shares his knowledge on weathering tough times by not panicking, getting back to the basics and saving for a rainy day.
"A lot of Americans can't remember past recessions, bank failures, drops in stock market and other tough financial times," Ramsey writes. "But, our economy will recover and if you have a good game plan and trust God to help you make solid decisions, you can survive whatever the economy throws at you."
Rick Warren also contributed several pieces for the issue including, "When You Feel Like Giving Up," which deals with the contagious disease of discouragement that is sweeping our nation. He reminds readers that discouragement is a choice, which if not treated, can make circumstances seem unbearable. Instead, he challenges them to learn to face these situations by focusing on small things, such as resting your body, reorganizing your life and remembering the Lord can help you overcome the fatigue, fear and frustration that accompany discouragement.
Readers can also learn about the "Six Biblical Steps to Revive the Nation." In the article, Rick Warren discusses the need in our nation for spiritual revival. "Our nation has been wounded by 'isms' – materialism, hedonism, relativism, racism, extremism, secularism, narcissism and cynicism," he writes. "The patient is bleeding and severely needs immediate critical care."
He goes on to detail six biblical principles that must be obeyed to experience cultural renewal, spiritual revival and economic recovery, including reconnecting with God; rejoicing in God's goodness and grace to us; praying and requesting God's help for our leaders, repenting of self-centeredness; respecting one another; and revering Jesus' name.
Also in this Purpose Driven Connection Spring issue are remarkable and inspirational personal stories of US Airways Flight 1549 passenger Dave Sanderson; champion swimmer Becki Melli who was paralyzed for life in the midst of training for the Olympics; Sri Lanka pastors overcoming persecution; and the leadership of Sherwood Baptist Church making a Hollywood impact.
As with each edition of Purpose Driven Connection, a small group workbook and DVD curriculum is included. Following the first issue's study, "40 Days of Love," readers will receive "WideAngle: Framing Your Worldview" taught by Rick Warren and Colson with this April magazine release.
Purpose Driven Connection launched in January 2009 and is available through an annual subscription membership for $29.99, but a group discount rate is available through participating religious congregations and businesses. The magazine is also available on newsstands nationwide, including Wal-mart. For additional information, visit www.PurposeDriven.com.
Purpose Driven Communications helps church leaders establish, transform and maintain healthy, growing congregations built around the God-given purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and missions. With offices in 45 countries, The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. markets books, magazines, music, video and educational products reaching 100 million households in 79 countries from its global headquarters in Pleasantville, N.Y.
Note to Editors: For more information about Dr. Rick Warren or to receive a review copy of the Purpose Driven Connection Spring magazine, please visit www.PurposeDrivenNews.com.