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Critics Hail 'The Plot To Kill God' as a Classic
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MARENGO, Ill., April 8, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The reviews are in for The Plot to Kill God, Dr. Edward Mrkvicka's latest book on Christianity within modern-day America. As critics across the board are reflecting, the book showcases a sharp focus on what is wrong with America – and how Christians can approach the problems affecting the nation.

For example, according to literary critic Kalyan Panja, The Plot to Kill God doesn't just offer inspiration to Christians about the world. It also gives readers a strong call-to-action to work toward the changes Mrkvicka asserts are necessary within the country.

Panja says that a major advantage the book offers is its willingness to call people out for their actions (and inactions) from a religious perspective. As readers come to terms with their role in the battle to reclaim the country, they have to understand how to take Christ's teachings and utilize them in their lives. This is possible, as the book asserts, by overcoming preconceptions and working toward collective relationship building with the same end-goal in mind.

"To discover our inner greatness we have to overcome the constraints," the review furthers, "to come to terms with our shadows and give space to our higher nature."

The Plot to Kill God has already made a splash within the literary community. Its poignant analysis of current culture showcases what's wrong with contemporary Christendom – and what followers of Christ need to remain aware about in American culture. This subject is critical to modern day believers, and it highlights Mrkvicka's passion and commitment to this subject area.

As Kalyan Panja's review continues, "The author is a true pioneer in this field and now has provided the body of Christ with an incredible amount of knowledge and revelation in this area.  This book will go down as a classic."

The latest book from acclaimed author Dr. Edward Mrkvicka, The Plot to Kill God is a critical analysis and assessment of cultural and political situations facing this country. He challenges readers to take a critical look toward what is affecting the country and how to bring Christ back into daily life. It is available to purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.