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'The King's Speech' Faces Man's Greatest Fear and Conquers! Veteran TV Coach, Lynn Wilford Scarborough Explains Steps of Master Communicators

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DALLAS, Feb. 24, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Here is another reason for the popularity of Oscar favorite, The King's Speech. The story of King George VI's struggles to overcome his paralyzing fears, caused by a childhood stutter, have touched a universal core because it exposes man's greatest phobia, public speaking.

"Communication is one of man's greatest gifts, but also his greatest fear," explains veteran TV and Media Coach Lynn Wilford Scarborough. "Communication is a multi-dimensional expression and to correct deeply rooted patterns, it requires an approach which trains the body, strengthens the mind and adds courage to the heart."

Also called stage fright, the technical term for this common phobia is Glossophobia which comes from the Greek meaning fear or dread (phobos) of the tongue (glossa). Studies have shown that "tongue fear" is shared by over 75% of the population, regardless of sex, nationally or socio-economic level.

"The interaction between the future King (Colin Firth) and his unconventional therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), clearly identifies five universal steps needed to improve public speaking skills," explains Ms. Scarborough who has conducted thousands of training sessions for TV news anchors, reporters, business leaders and corporations. "Throughout time, Master Communicators have used these same five steps to conquer fear and capture kingdoms."

Audiences have asked if the methods used in the film are realistic. "Every day, speech therapists, media coaches use many of the same techniques, because they work," Scarborough responds. "The five steps to communication success are: 1. Vocal exercises to retrain muscles and improve vocal production; 2. Build mental confidence through gradual success; 3. Discover a person's true voice by addressing emotional blocks; 4. Clarify focus by aligning purpose with audience expectation; 5. Rehearse in a safe environment."

In a high speed global environment, effective communication is essential to success. "The great news is The King's Speech teaches us that by following these steps, it is possible to conquer one's fear and learn how to speak like a king!" Ms. Scarborough concludes.

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Lynn Wilford Scarborough, is founder of EmPowerCom.US specializing in media coaching and Strategic Business Communications training for business leaders, high performance teams and ministries. She has consulted for over 200 TV news organizations, and is author of Talk Like Jesus, Change Your World with the S.I.M.P.L.E. Steps of the Master Communicator.