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Author/Workshop Leader Helps Broken Men Heal from the Aftermath of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Contact: Twila Belk, 563-332-1622, twila@gottatellsomebody.com; for "Healing a Man's Heart"
BELLEVUE, Wash., July 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- There's a one in six chance that the man you work with, attend church with, or are friends with is living with a devastating secret: he was sexually abused or molested in childhood. He struggles emotionally, yet his wife, family, and friends are clueless. He's plagued by false guilt, shame, and unresolved grief. He fights a battle that he cannot win alone.
Thomas Edward knows first-hand the emotional and physical pain associated with sexual abuse and neglect. He understands what it's like to suffer in silence with nowhere to turn. When he finally began to gain victory over the ramifications of his abuse, Tom decided to become a resource to other men. He's passionate about helping other male survivors heal from the effects of their abuse and move from surviving to thriving.
Tom's goal is for men to become comfortable addressing the issues within them and eventually arrive to a point of breaking the silence. He wrote "Healing a Man's Heart," a workbook designed to help Christian men face, admit, and deal with their abuse. "I wrote this workbook for men who are stuck just like I used to be," Tom says, "--men whose hearts long to be set free, but fear dampens and steals any ray of hope."
"Healing a Man's Heart" offers a biblically-enriched plan for dealing with the hurt and aftermath related to childhood sexual abuse. The shared stories are meant to encourage men to break the power of silence and isolation. Most of the selections include four action components: pen action, prayer, God's truth and promises, and a healing principle.
Tom is a Christian life coach who conducts Healing Broken Men workshop retreats, which allow participants to start or continue their healing in a safe, private, and supportive environment. Workshop sessions include losing the victim status, removing the fear factor, destroying lies and myths, repainting your picture with truth, and reclaiming God's identity for you.
For more information about Thomas Edward, the "Healing a Man's Heart" workbook, the Healing Broken Men workshops, or to listen to his Keeping It Real Moments, visit www.healingbrokenmen.com.  
To schedule an interview with Thomas Edward, contact Twila Belk at 563-332-1622 or twila@gottatellsomebody.com.