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WingClips.com Posts Film Clips Exposing Mormon Massacre
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MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- "We have been honored, above all other men, to be the chosen instruments of death. Through their deaths, these Gentiles will attain eternal salvation... It is a duty we owe to God and to our church."

These are the powerful words of Mormon Bishop, Jacob Samuelson (Jon Voight), in a controversial new film that recently released in theaters across America. September Dawn is the uncompromising account of the 1857 Mormon massacre, which is stated to be an overlooked and covered up historical national event.

The Mountain Meadow Massacre closely parallels the attacks on the World Trade Center, sharing the same religious justification, the same hatred of American sovereignty, even the same date in history, September 11. However, as that infamous date approaches, there will be one regrettable difference: The victims of the World Trade Center will be mourned, while the deaths of over 120 Christian settlers will continue to go unknown or unremembered.

We continue to live in turbulent times, where the voice of a self-proclaimed prophet can invoke a state of hatred and violent duty, where one can convince many to succumb to committing heinous acts of bloodshed. Many long for a sense of purpose on earth and eternal life beyond physical death. With promises of celestial glory in the afterlife, various religions and cults can easily manipulate the minds of their followers to commit killings on earth, even in the name of God.

September Dawn serves as an important reminder, not of the helpless victims, but as a warning against killing in the name of God or religion. Understanding the significance of this message, producers of the film have made clips available on WingClips.com to be used as sermon and teaching illustrations.

While the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) has denied the authenticity of the film, there is no question that Mormon soldiers did commit the killings. The central debate lies in whether the crimes were carried out by order of the church or rather by a rogue member, John D. Lee (John Gries), and his men. September Dawn filmmakers allege that Brigham Young himself ordered the executions, while LDS denies their revered leader's involvement. To date, only Lee, an adopted son of Brigham Young, was brought to justice for the deaths of the settlers.

In a world where Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Joseph Smith can rise to power, never has it been more imperative to understand the scriptures so that we can decipher an upright leader from a false prophet. The character Jonathan (Trent Ford) in September Dawn echoes this sentiment. "I do not question the Heavenly Father. I question what the prophets think they heard. Is it not possible that Satan has deceived us all?"

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