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Repair or Restore Your Christian Marriage
"Discovering the Mind of A Woman" Can Radically Transform and Renew Your Relationship

Contact: David Forman,

SCOTTSDALE, Az., Nov. 16, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Women are beyond understanding," is the predominant excuse for a man's inability to fix failing or broken marriages. This fraudulent thinking is so accepted by the world that it's become a common joke.  What a sad, but eye-opening image of Satan using a notorious worldly deception to separate what God has joined together. 

Photo: Author Ken Nair
In the book "Discovering the Mind of Woman," author Ken Nair illustrates how from Genesis through Revelation biblical principles prove that men not only can, but are commanded to "live with their wives in an understanding way."
Radically different, but scripturally sound, "Discovering the Mind of a Woman," reveals relationship-altering concepts that renew and restore marriages.  Nair says when a man follows these principles they work every time, and claims he has seen hundreds of restored marriages, many even after divorce. 
"That's not Ken Nair boasting, but pointing to God's living word that can breathe new life into even the most broken relationships. We just need to better understand what God says about marriage that's often misunderstood in the text or not taught at all," he said.
For example he quotes John 4:23: 'God is spirit; and they who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth.'

"So we go to church and raise our hands to praise music and shout amen to the sermon; but it falls far short of relationship God wants us to have with Him," said Nair.
"Our spirit has a language of its own: that language is our emotions, which as men, we don't fully acknowledge, and they're fleeting; yet we hope to understand our wives who are 100% attuned to their emotions, and where they live all day." Says Nair.  "If a man can't identify his own spirit's language he can't recognize a woman's, and he's completely hindered in becoming the spiritual leader his wife craves."
In "Discovering the Mind of a Woman," Nair explores how a man's inability to minister to his wife's spirit is the cause of a husband's failure to fulfill Ephesians 5:25 'Husbands are to love their wives unconditionally and sacrificially, just as Christ loves the Church.'
"A wife's emotions, actions and even her attraction to her husband are directly related to his spiritual condition," says Nair.  "She is like a mirror provided by God to reflect how Christlike, or more accurately how un-Christlike he's being," says Nair.   
He concedes this concept meets with strong resistance, even within the church.  However, Nair says he's found incontrovertible evidence confirmed by Hebrew language scholar Frank Seekins in the original Hebrew text of Genesis where our bibles translate Eve as Adam's "helper." 
Nair explains, "The Hebrew word is Ezer, three letters originally pictograms represented by an axe, a man and an eye."  Nair and Seekins agree this translates as "Revealer of the Enemy."  "Therefore God didn't say he'd make a helper in the way we think," says Nair. "More accurately, our wife is the person made by God to 'help' us clearly reveal our sin nature, or how Christ-like we are being," says Nair. "And that understanding is the key to every man's ability to transform his life and marriage.
"If a man is truly willing to be discipled toward becoming more and more like Christ, his marriage will inevitably be made stronger or restored," says Nair. 
Another concept presented in his book that is very hard for most men to accept is the biblical difference between fault and responsibility. "Men refuse to grasp that even their wife's own sins are their responsibility," he says, again pointing to evidence in the text of Genesis.
"Although Eve is blamed for the fall of mankind the Bible places the blame squarely upon the man," says Nair. "God told Adam, not Eve, not to eat of the tree; it was Adam who did not keep his promise to God. As a part of Eve's curse, she must look to Adam for her value and acceptance. He charges Adam with the care of her spirit along with complete responsibility for her spiritual fitness."
Nair quotes Roman's 5:12 as verification, “Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, in this way death came to all. Through one man all have sinned." "One man, not woman," says Nair.
In "Discovering the Mind of a Woman," men learn to accept their responsibility; and use all of life events, regardless of who's at "fault," to discern what God is teaching Him about how he is or is not being Christ-like.  
"I disciple men how to be more Christ-like and that requires a deep commitment to change, but men who truly seek this are rewarded with a richer relationship with God and restored relationships when necessary," Nair promises.
For more than thirty years author and speaker Ken Nair, founder of Christ Quest Ministries, has helped renew and restore marriages almost exclusively by teaching men how to become more like Christ, through books, videos, live seminars, and a three-year college level course all available at christquestministries.com
Ken Nair can be reached for personal discipleship and speaking engagements at ken@christquestministries.com