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The Tipping Point: New Website Calling Pro-Lifers to Outfund Abortion
Contact: Colin O'Keefe, Founder & Executive Director, Tipping Point, 608-279-6237
MIDDLETON, Wis., Oct. 17, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Tipping Point is a new website intended to make it easy for ideological pro-lifers to donate to the whole pro-life movement in one place.
When founder Colin O'Keefe heard God's call and committed his life to the pro-life cause, he reflected on why he had never donated to pro-life despite being a faithful churchgoer, a tither, and even a victim of legalized abortion with the abortion of his brother. His answer is that it's hard to donate because there are so many pro-life charities: "I believe millions of Americans already have a desire, a spiritual need, to give in support of life, and it's just been hard to do that because all the existing pro-life nonprofits are competing with each other for your ten dollars. That's discouraging."
In doing research for the website, Tipping Point found that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America raised $399.7M in donations while the 20 largest national pro-life nonprofits raised only $71.7M. Tipping Point also found that average household income in the U.S. is about $60,000, so an average family giving 1%, or $50 per month, means that 600,000 average households can beat Planned Parenthood. Founder Colin O'Keefe says "this might seem insanely ambitious, but then, most insanely successful ideas were at one point just insane ideas. And really, it's totally feasible: there are millions of pro-life Christian households who are already tithing to religious charities, but they don't give to pro-life. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to try making it as easy as possible to donate to the whole pro-life cause."

Tipping Point's message to the ideologically-aligned is ACTION. One of the foundational insights is that it's easier to change the actions of people who agree with you than it is to change the minds of people who disagree. The pro-life movement for decades has largely pursued persuasion of the other side rather than activating their own grassroots. In the wake of Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation and following the release of the Gosnell movie, there is hope among pro-lifers that the culture is moving in the right direction and that Roe might be overturned. Tipping Point's message is this: if Gosnell inspired you, and if Kavanaugh's confirmation gives you hope for overturning Roe, DO something about it. O'Keefe says: "Don't let abortion end while you stand on the sidelines."