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Cherie Calbom, M.S. Watercress Soup Diet Study Proves to Trigger Weight Loss Along with Other Health Benefits

Contact: Rachel Sammons, Publicity Director, Charisma, 407-333-0600

LAKE MARY, Fla., Sept. 18, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- An increase in energy level and a decrease in body weight are two of the many health benefits of the Watercress Soup Diet, offered by nutritionist and best-selling author, Cherie Calbom, also known as "The Juice Lady." Fifty-five female volunteers ages 35 to 65 participated in a new study which involved a Watercress Berry Smoothie for breakfast, Watercress Soup for lunch, and a low-carbohydrate dinner. The diet was not only satisfying and easy to follow, but it was claimed to be delicious by the volunteers.

The study was designed to be a weight loss program, however, feedback showed that the diet can also result in multiple other health benefits. In the study:

  • 81% of participants noticed a positive change in skin
  • 59.7% noticed a positive change in hair
  • 68.4% noticed their mood was elevated
  • 93% noticed an increase in energy level

Calbom says, "The good thing about watercress is that it provides nutrients without a significant addition of a lot of calories. Considered the top superfood, studies show this aquatic plant is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables known to man. I believe this is one of the reasons many of the women that participated in the Watercress Soup Diet said they were not hungry after eating a bowl of this soup. In fact, many of them said cravings just disappeared."

The study was specifically geared towards women who have had no success with other weight-loss programs. Over half of the participants lost between four and six pounds in the first week of the program and by three weeks, nearly half of the participants lost between six and nine pounds.

Sylvia lost 19 pounds and dropped a size. She was ready to go on medication to lose weight because nothing had worked until she volunteered for the Watercress Soup Diet. Michell lost 12 pounds and 21 inches. She dropped two sizes—from a 16-18 to a 12-14. Her plantar fasciitis also cleared up. This diet worked for her when no other diets had worked before. She said she had so much energy she felt like she could "jump to the moon." Their stories and the diet plan appeared in Woman's World magazine's September 18 issue.

The Watercress Soup Diet is featured in Calbom's latest book, Souping is the New Juicing (Sept. 5, 2017), along with other souping recipes and insights that enable weight loss, internal cleansing, healing and renewed energy.

Cherie Calbom has helped pioneer the fresh-juice movement around the world. A graduate of Bastyr University with a master of science in whole-foods nutrition, Calbom has authored thirty-four books. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people restore their health through her juicing, souping and cleansing programs. She has worked as a nutritionist with George Foreman and Richard Simmons and has been on numerous radio and TV shows and in scores of magazine articles. She and her husband offer Health and Wellness Juice and Raw-Foods Retreats throughout the year.

For more recipes and health tips from Souping Is The New Juicing, order your copy today on Amazon: amzn.to/2uwFPxS.