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Ken Ham Delivers 'State of the Nation' Feb. 16, Offers Biblical Perspective
Answers in Genesis Calls U.S. Christians Back to Bible Basics
Contact: Melany Ethridge, A Larry Ross Communications, 972-267-1111, melany@alarryross.com
PETERSBURG, Ky., Feb. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following President Obama's annual "State of the Union" address last week, biblical apologist Ken Ham will soon offer his "State of the Nation" speech, highlighting how far the U.S. has wandered from its moral foundations, and calling Christians back to their biblical roots.
Ham, president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), the biblical apologetics ministry responsible for the world-renowned Creation Museum near Cincinnati, will present his speech from inside the Creation Museum and via webcast live at 8 p.m. EST, Tuesday, Feb. 16. Those wishing to tune in may do so at www.answerslive.org.
"Many Christians have been duped into accepting a false idea: that there is a 'neutral' position they can take in regard to social issues," Ham said. "Some Christians even accept the myth that the U.S. Constitution declares that there should be a separation of church and state. They are hesitant to inject Christian beliefs into politics.
"God's Word, however, makes it clear that there is no neutral position," Ham continued. "God's people need to unashamedly and uncompromisingly stand on the Bible and its absolute standards. We need to proclaim a Christian worldview and the Gospel, all the while giving answers for the hope we have."
Ham's webcast (his speech is not open to the public) will touch on social issues such as abortion, "gay" marriage, origins, and the role of religion in society. He will encourage Christians to know what the Bible says on these matters, and help them understand how to defend the biblical viewpoint in an increasingly hostile environment.
"We need to learn what we can do to call America back to the only sure foundation--biblical authority," Ham explained. "We need to stand unashamedly upon God's Word in the face of a skeptical society and find out how we can do more than just watch our country slip into a moral quagmire."
Answers in Genesis is a biblical apologetics ministry and a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to confirming the validity of the Bible from the very first verse. In addition to its acclaimed Creation Museum, which recently had its 942,000th visitor (since its grand opening in May 2007), AiG outreaches include about 250 teaching meetings each year, an award-winning website and magazine (Answers), the "Answers" radio program airing on several hundred stations. Ham and the museum appeared on ABC-TV's "Nightline" program last week.
Note to Editors: For more information about Answers in Genesis or the "State of the Nation" address, please visit www.creationmuseumnews.com. To attend the webcast and/or to arrange an interview with Ken Ham or other ministry representatives, please contact Melany Ethridge of A. Larry Ross Communications at 972.267.1111 or Melany@alarryross.com.