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Robert Bakke Ministries Releases New Book 'Prayer at Full Throttle'
Contact: Robert Bakke, Founder, Robert Bakke Performance Ministries, 612-812-6174

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., July 16, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Robert Bakke Performance Ministries (RBPM) announced today the release of its breakthrough book "Prayer at Full Throttle." Bakke is a patriotic, race car driving preacher who proves that performance-based prayer works. He says a successful prayer life is as plain as a child sharing her innermost thoughts, problems and desires with a parent. Bakke believes too many Christian books on prayer complicate it, causing believers to throw their hands up in frustration. The truth is they can begin to experience now all that God has for them in just six simple action steps.

"It is after we have finished praying when most of us need enlightenment. This enlightenment comes in the form of 'earning' your blessing or miracle," says Bakke. He adds, "While this thought might give a lot of theologians a toothache, the fact remains that we need to put action behind our prayer. If we don't engage in some kind of performance, our prayer blessing and our miracle is likely to remain in neutral. Let's not let that happen."

Why performance-based prayer? The book of James in the New Testament reveals that "faith without works is dead" (James 2:20).

According to Bakke, "For some people, the word 'works' is clear enough while others relate to being 'doers of the Word.' Personally, I relate more easily to the words 'corresponding action.' But my favorite works-related term is the word 'performance' because, according to the 'Strong's Exhaustive Concordance,' used in its various contexts 'performance' can be associated with the following terms: rise up, commit, endure, bring forth, accomplish, battle, finish and succeed."

Bakke believes that we are made in God's image and that He experiences emotions like we do. As our Heavenly Father, God delights in seeing His children put forth the effort required to succeed, just as parents on earth enjoy watching the personal growth and expanded capacity of their children when they stretch to reach their goals.

"I've seen what happens when you rise up, commit and finish your prayers with corresponding actions instead of sitting idly by waiting for answers. Pictures included in the new book prove it," declares Bakke. "When your prayers are followed by performance, your prayer life will produce blessings and miracles unlike anything you have ever seen."

About the Author
Robert Bakke is a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor, black belt karate instructor and regional champion, ski instructor, race car driver, speaker and author who was running a multi-million dollar company by age 24. He received his Certificate of Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel on April 15, 2012.

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